Murray Stein, MD, MpH - ADAA Ex Officio Board Member

Stein-Murray2-sml_0.jpgProfessor of Psychiatry and Family & Preventive Medicine, University of California, San Diego

Director, Anxiety & Traumatic Stress Disorders Program, University of California, San Diego

Dr. Stein’s research interests include the epidemiology, neurobiology, and treatment of anxiety disorders, especially social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and posttraumatic stress disorder. His federally funded research includes studies of interventions for anxiety disorders in primary care, pharmacological approaches to treatment-resistant anxiety disorders, and functional neuroimaging research in anxiety and trauma-related disorders.

Dr. Stein has been an ADAA member since 1995 and is  currently the Editor-in-Chief of ADAA's official online journal, Depression and Anxiety.