Often patients, in the course of their treatment for OCD, will question whether they actually have OCD or not. This doubt feels different to them than the doubt arising from the intrusive thoughts that initially brought them into treatment. But this doubt about having OCD is OCD! OCD demands certainty and convinces the sufferer that bad things will happen if they’re not certain. The content of the intrusive thoughts is always irrelevant, but the content can distract patients (and sometimes clinicians) from dealing with uncertainty and risk.  
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ADAA is delighted to announce that we have received a grant from the hope & grace fund, a project of New Venture Fund in partnership with philosophy, inc.” The grant allows ADAA to launch an exciting new initiative “Turning a Laser-Focus on Women’s Issues in the Treatment of Anxiety, Depression and Related Disorders.”   
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ADAA member Dr. Reid Wilson is interviewed in this "Potential, Not Pathology" podcast. The interview provides a summary of Dr. Wilson's current approach to treating anxiety and OCD, including how important it is to "want" to go towards what you are afraid of, as well as working with the character of the client (and the therapist).
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mindswimmer is an experimental jazz quintet committed to using our art to improve the world around us. We have each faced anxiety and depression, both personally and with those close to us. Unfortunately, one of our past collaborators and dearest friends took his own life when his burden became too great.