ADAA member Kerry Ressler, MD, PhD, explains in this video how high levels of a stress hormone may explain why women have a higher risk of developing PTSD than men.
Clinicians: Hear what psychologist Ron Rapee says about treating children with anxiety disorders  (recorded at our previous Annual Conference).
Find out about anxiety disorders therapy for African Americans.
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Watch a video of ADAA Board Member Karen L. Cassiday, PhD, discuss animal hoarding on the Today show.
Hear how doctors treat anxiety disorders with the goal of remission so people get well, not just better.
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Find out how an excellent student, a talented singer and musician, and a competitive athlete overcame his debilitating anxiety and got his life back.
Check out the self-help books written by ADAA's experts, our professional members.
Several key provisions of the Affordable Care Act became effective today, and many of them will improve the lives of those with mental health and substance use conditions. •    Children under age 19 can no longer be denied coverage based on a pre-existing condition. (This provision will be extended to adults in January 2014.) •    If a parent’s plan provides coverage for dependent children, it is now required to cover children up to age 26. •    Insurance companies can no longer set limits on the dollar amount of health benefits that they will cover in a year or over a person’s lifetime. •    All private plans are now required to cover co-payment and deductible-free preventive services, including depression screening for adults and adolescents.