is a non-profit community of treatment providers who are building a national mental health resource directory.'s mission is to reduce stigma toward mental disorders, promote the value of mental diversity, and connect people to help. Thero's private online referral network is a tool and a community for licensed professionals to collaborate and connect. 

Affordable Therapy Project's Affordable Therapy Project is an initiative that empowers licensed mental health professionals to offer affordable therapy to victims of natural disasters, survivors of national crises and high-risk communities

Mental Health Providers who join can list their business as a resource in our directory at no cost. When Providers want to offer free sessions for a specific cause they can let people know by selecting the “Pro Bono” option. The project focuses on high-risk populations, national crises and disaster relief. Anyone looking for free therapy regarding a specific issue can search the Thero Directory for the following options:

  • Active Duty Military
  • Experiences of Domestic Violence 
  • Experiences of Racism 
  • Exposure to Police Violence
  • First-Responder Traumas
  • Incest Survivors
  • Military Families
  • Natural Disaster Survivors
  • Opioid Crisis Victims
  • Sexual Assault Survivors


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