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Robert Vickery
July, 2021

I am 37 years old and now live in Dallas, Texas.
It has always been my passion in life to be a physically active person, whether in sports or acting or in the work life. I found out later in life, around the time I was 14, that I have a condition well known as Muscular Dystrophy - and it was not curable. That made me sad as a teenager. I researched it and found out all about it and the specific type I have is Charcot Marie tooth muscular atrophy. 
Life went on and I learned to live with the issue. 
Later when I was around 25, I was living with some roommates and started feeling very bad. I was experiencing the symptoms of anxiety, but I did not know what it was at the time. It felt like a heart attack, noises and lights were an extreme bother to me, and I could hardly breath. I went to a specialist and he confirmed I do have anxiety and panic attacks; then, provided me with medication I take daily for it. I also have to take medication for extreme migraines due to the Charcot Marie tooth muscular atrophy on a daily basis. 
I was still holding on to the hope that I could be an active person in life physically. But then, one day realized I could not do this and for about half a year I hit a deep depression. I realized the only thing I wanted in  my life I couldn't accomplish because of something I could not control. That made me very upset at the time. 
I reached out to people I knew about a year later and they began to speak positivity into my life and slowly I began to think better about my life and situation. I felt I had hit rock bottom so I had no where to go but up. I began to have hope again and started to have a change of mindset. I started to think what I can do with my physical body and not what I couldn't do. 
So from then on I was a positive person and started to try to spread positivity around as much as I could and not surround myself with negativity. 

As a Twitch Streamer,  a live-streaming platform for gamers, I plan to give back to people who are feeling the same way I felt, and to create a safe place where people can come and hang out and talk about life. Because life is hard and we can't do it alone. I found ADAA just by looking up depression charities online and came across the website. And I looked over your site and read what ADAA are doing for others and not what others are doing for you and I liked that. So I felt like my support would be going to help others

My twitch channel is and you can find me on there. 

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