Fashion with a Purpose

May, 2021

My purpose is to bring awareness to mental health and inspire women to be their best, and to feel their absolute best with positive affirmations in mind. I am to inspire all those who use my products. I believe that mental health is just as important as physical strength! I want to motivate everyone to look and feel their best and help others pursue the best version of themselves in the gym or on their day today. 

I started the idea of my business back when I was a young girl taking modeling classes, drawing and writing ideas that I one day wanted to turn into something bigger. At the time I was being raised as a Christian and I was the ‘preacher's kid’. My father was a world renowned preacher and carpenter and has a condition called Epilepsy. He experienced an episode while building property and fell off the roof. He shattered his spinal cord and then my life as I knew was never the same. Being raised the way I was, I was not permitted to see therapists and/or take medication. I was only 11 years old but I was broken and I remember everything as if it were yesterday. My family and I spent years suffering mentally and emotionally and sometimes physically too. We were a Carribean-American family with a different view on the resources we had available to us.

I spent years in silence and haunted by this accident. The dynamic between my father, mother and I of course changed. There was nothing I could do. I suffered internally for a long time well into my 20’s. The one thing that kept me and gave me a beacon to hold on to was my gift and passion I had in the skillset I had as a creator. I was always empowered by my family to draw, create, and to let out all my artistic skills into the universe. 
In the years 2013-2018, during this time, I experienced an abusive relationship while on my path to self discovery. I was physically beaten, bruised, mentally checked out, suicidal, depressed and anxious all the time. I was homeless at one point, living out of my car at another, pregnant in my tubes and beaten up some more by the man that claimed he loved me. I was living in trailer homes, hopping fences to find a job, forced to abandon my friends, forced to deny my family, forced to pay child support for a child that was not mine and had never met. I was being forced to support a questionable side hustle, drugged and violated and forced to go dancing at strip clubs for him. I was blindly suffering through manipulation and narcissism. I lost myself, my innocence and all of my mind. I look at it now as a purpose served.

I woke up in darkness begging the universe to give me a way out. So I began to research what I was feeling and the pain I was experiencing in my mind and in my body. I was starting to become concerned about why I always feel full even though I went days without eating. Why my left side felt numb hours at a time and why I couldn't seem to feel like I was alive. I was numb and no longer felt like life was even real. 

In my research I discovered the Anxiety and Depression Association of America and saw their mission is to support people like me that live with PTSD, suicidal tendencies, anxiety and depression. I knew I had to give other individuals a way out. I wanted people to know that there are people and resources to help and there is no need to suffer alone. After healing and much research on ADAA and their cause, I decided that it was a must to partner with this organization and have an organization of my own that supports this and have it actually mean something. I want to inspire others to use their gifts and talents to empower themselves as I did.

There is not just one way to get through these internal challenges, so FORBEFASH  apparel was created.

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