I Wore My Heart on My Sleeves - Edison's Story

Edison Konan
August, 2020

You may know this already, 7.7 million youth in America alone will suffer from a mental health disorder this year! Over 11% of these cases will lead to suicide.

Coming from west Africa my family and I never understood the importance of mental health. 

When my sister was 10 year she became a victim of a mental health disorder. She’d starve herself, isolate herself, and began cutting herself. It was traumatizing and my family didn’t know how to help her or let alone understand what she was going through. 

Luckily a therapist was able to shed light on her mental health disorders and we were able to help her from causing more harm to herself. 

This is why I’m so passionate about this topic. Imagine if there was a way to help the other 7.7 million youth suffering from a mental health disorder before it led to something as damaging as suicide?

We reached out to ADAA to share our story to give hope and provide solace through our personal experience to anyone going through a rough time now or at any moment of

their life that it is not the end of the world even when the walls of life feel as if they are crumbling down on you.

Visit Edison's online


iworemyheartonmysleeves.com to explore the products he and his team have created - all tha

come from the heart. Their goal is to bring life and personality to everything in order to connect with their supporters and to enourage empowerment and make people feel good inside.

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