Elina Radushinsky
October, 2019

I grew up with a bit of anxiety, yet I was never fully quite aware that anxiety is what I was dealing with. It was always something the led me to second guess a decision or look negatively at all that encompassed me as a person. Yet it was just a voice that I believed everyone had to deal with from time to time. 

Things took a turn for the worse though after I had given birth to my son. His arrival was supposed to be a miracle yet all I saw was a failure. My pregnancy had not gone as planned, my delivery was even worse and here I was now with a perfect little boy yet I was not good enough to be his mother. Anxiety became a constant stream in my day to day and I know to an extent it will the rest of my life, hey I am a mom now! But I was fortunate enough to have a master’s degree in which I studied the science and art of Chinese medicine. From my education, I was able to take away what makes the bodywork and how to hone in on certain feelings and emotions. 

As the days passed and I strolled with my sleeping baby I occupied my mind through inspirational podcasts, web resources, and self-help projects. I created a system for myself to break down large overwhelming emotions and work through them piece by piece. With each passing day, I gained new insights into what I was going through and I was able to walk with a little more confidence as the overwhelming dizziness that my life became faded away. 

Through all of it though I found that I needed something, a token of the sort to remind me, that I am greater than what is going on in my life at the moment. That I am strong enough to move past it and that it does not make me any less of a person. That is how Neverles was born. 

We are all so similar in so many ways yet we each have a different story. Without taking the time to share those stories we alienate ourselves and others. My goal with Neverles is to create a network that we each could relate to. A network that honors our differences, our fears, our dreams, and goals. That celebrates it without judgment.  We all need to be a little easier on our selves and always remember that we are greater. 

As our first quarter kicks into gear, Neverles would love to show its support to that which brought it about. ADAA is such an amazing organization that has been helping individuals for over 40 years. They help break the stigmas associated with mental health and provide great resources to those in need. I would not be here today without out them and will continue to look at ADAA as a companion in the future. 

We are all, Neverles!

Visit the Neverles website here.