Stress Free Event Planning

Cara Benson
July, 2018

The summer season often brings an uprise in celebrations and events. Weddings, graduation parties, and summer barbecues are all extremely popular during this season. In fact, you might find yourself planning one of these events yourself! Event planning can be super stressful for anyone, and more so for those struggling with anxiety disorders. Though everyone feels the pressure to be the “perfect” host at their seasonal celebrations, those with anxiety disorders may be physiologically impacted, demonstrating significant distress to their mental state.

It’s easy to see how anyone might be trapped in a state of perfectionism, especially when planning an event of great personal importance. What’s important to remember during this time is that a good time, rather than a “perfect” one, will bring the most enjoyment to family and friends-- as well as ourselves! Use these four tips to minimize stress while planning your next event:

1. Organize Your Time and Workspace
When we’re busy planning a party or event, organization tends to go out the window. We spend so much time putting the perfect details into planning, but often forget to take care of ourselves. When you utilize proper time to get organized, you’ll be able to channel better energy into everything else! Structure your days, clean your desk, and be sure to take breaks! Even a 15-second break from your computer has been shown to cut fatigue in half.

2. Look to Others for Help
When you’re facing a big event ahead of you, it’s okay to ask for help! Getting family and friends on board in the party planning will not only minimize your workload, but will ensure that you’re enjoying the process. Taking a minute to remember that you’re not alone in the event preparation can soothe your fears or nervous energy. When you’ve designated a stellar team of volunteers, be sure to use plenty of communication. Discuss who is tackling what tasks and confer that all responsibilities will be taken care of!

3. Automate Anything You Can
With the rising importance of technology, utilizing automated event planning platforms can cut down a great deal of your stressors! Today, there’s an app for almost anything you can think of. Using online resources can eliminate many time-consuming tasks and reduce your fears of something going wrong. From event ticketing to playlists--there’s likely an online tool! Integrating these resources into your planning can help automate things that don’t need to be on your daily to-do list.  

4. Put Together Event “Emergency Kits”
When it comes to day-of preparation, creating emergency kits can help you take precaution for the very worst. You will able to take comfort in knowing that you’ve got the solution for any mishap that might occur throughout the event! Packing a bag with essential items such as phone chargers, aspirin, sewing kits, or other precautionary tools will ensure that no matter what last-minute issue arises, you’re covered! Taking the time to think ahead will reduce anxiety throughout the day and allow you to really enjoy the incredible celebration you’ve put together!

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