Unlock Your True Potential - My Story of SnappBandZ

Amanda Bloom
March, 2020

Growing up, I always worked hard in school to get good grades.  When I entered high school, however, that can-do enthusiasm rapidly eroded into overwhelming fear.  With thoughts of college looming over my head like an oncoming freight train, and all my teachers constantly stressing that every test score would follow me for life as part of my “permanent transcript,” worries escalated into full-blown anxiety.  Will my SAT scores be good enough?  What if I don’t get into college?  With my friends stressing about college too, I recognized that dealing with fear was a “normal” part of life, but my anxieties felt so much stronger and started consuming all my energy.  

To keep up, studying became my only focus.  Everyone kept telling me to relax and my friends always invited me to go out with them on weekends, but with 24/7 mental pressure my sole concentration narrowed even further on schoolwork.  I studied from morning till night, even on weekends, and when I wasn’t studying my mind was always racing because I couldn’t stop worrying about all the tests, college applications and projects hanging over my head.  

To help overcome mental exhaustion, I started researching coping strategies for effectively managing anxiety.  I read that some people found relief snapping rubber bands on their wrists whenever they felt overwhelmed with fear, anxiety, depression, OCD, restlessness, or panic.  I tried it myself and, thankfully, the rubber bands often calmed my nerves and helped me transform those unwanted negative thoughts into positive focus.

Whenever I snapped a rubber band on my wrist in public, however, I noticed it drew a lot of unwanted attention.  I saw people staring at me strangely and some people even asked if I was trying to hurt myself.  I explained the rubber bands helped calm my thoughts, but their judgmental stares always made me feel different, and alone, like nobody else could ever understand what I was going through.  

I discussed the situation with my parents.  They understood immediately and together we brainstormed how I might reap all the positive benefits of my new-found “snap therapy” without suffering any of the traumatic stigmas I had experienced.  One encouraging solution was to invent a new type of jewelry that would look like an attractive bracelet while also discreetly integrating a special device to gently snap your inner wrist without attracting all those unpleasant stares or unwanted judgments.  Over the next few days my father tinkered.  Physical prototypes quickly followed and rapidly evolved with iterative improvements.  Form + Function finally united with the unique integration of a stylish bracelet and discreet “snapp-out” device.  SnappBandZ™ was born and it quickly became my trusted go-to for helping manage anxiety.

I also came to realize I was not the only person struggling to overcome anxiety.  In fact, I learned that more than 40 MILLION adults and children in America today are struggling with anxiety or some other form of mental challenge like depression, OCD, ADHD, etc.  What’s even more alarming to me than this outrageously high number is the fact that each person is also struggling under the added weight of social stigmas that compound each of their challenges.

In order to make a positive difference in the world, and “Be the Change,” I started thinking the same SnappBandZ™ that helped me unlock my best self might also help many others too.  With immense support from my family and friends, I am thankful to say my own personal story has now transformed into an inspiring mission to help everyone calm their inner thoughts and unlock their true potential while also Snapping Out the Stigma.  Each SnappBandZ™ we make is individually hand-crafted with love so each one is unique, just like you.  I understand the challenges you face and am thankful to help support your success every single day, one “snapp” at a time.

We are proud to collaborate with ADAA in creating an exciting new line of unique SnappBandZ™ dedicated exclusively to the ADAA mission.  Named “The ADAA Dream,” these SnappBandZ are available in both blue and white and a portion of all proceeds from the sale of “ADAA Dream” SnappBandZ™ is directly donated to ADAA.  Whether you are purchasing for yourself, someone you love, or supporting our mission to Snapp Out the Stigma™, we sincerely thank you because you are making a positive difference in the world.  It goes without saying, achieving “The ADAA Dream” is my dream too.

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