ADAA Allies

Every donor is special. Every reason someone donates to ADAA is unique. We are very grateful for the many ways that donors choose to support our mission. We are also so thankful for those in our ADAA community who raise awareness about mental health issues and work with us to #breakthestigma. We invite you to read donors' and ADAA allies' stories and campaigns below. There are also a number of companies that graciously donate proceeds from the sale of clothing items, and other products.

In a story of 500 to 750 words, please share your ADAA Ally project/campaign and why you would like to have ADAA share your story with our communities. Please provide a brief title and focus on the therapy or other treatments that have helped you manage or overcome your illness. Please include how ADAA's website or resources have helped you. In order to publish you story on our website and to share it on our social media platforms, we require that you use your real name and include a photo. Please note that we do not accept advertorials or stories that promote individual or organizational fundraising. We reserve the right to reject any story that we do not feel is appropriate to share. 



We encourage you to share why you have chosen to become an ADAA Ally by sending us an email: [email protected]. We will feature your story here, in our monthly free e-newsletter, and through our social media platforms. Together we will triumph over anxiety and depression and together we will #breakthestigma!

Briana Stanley

My name is Briana Stanley, I am a college student who has dealt with depression for a long time. Growing up, I never had a name for it, but I knew I was off.  Within my community, things like depression and anxiety don’t exist. Studies show otherwise, but culturally, minorities choose to believe they can not have these types of issues.

Amaranthia Sepia

My name is Amaranthia Sepia (meaning Eternal Brown Flower). I’m a 19-year-old comic artist of African American and Caribbean descent. At age eight, two years after I returned from Tokyo, I declared my purpose to become a successful comic artist. My comic series featuring my character “Emo Bunny” is art therapy. It expresses the struggles of living with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and my experiences with bullying.

Albert Dabah

I recently finished a film titled Extra Innings, a family drama 20 years in the making that I wrote, produced, directed, and acted in, based on my own life. Extra Innings tells the story of David Sabah, who pursues his dream of playing baseball while staying devoted to his Syrian Jewish family. However, a tragic loss makes reconciling the two worlds almost impossible.

Adrian Sutherland

It was three years ago. I had just gotten back from my month-long annual spring hunt out on the land, during which time I had no contact with the outside world.

Alexander Lubinsky

“I’m Fine” follows an unemployed college-grad as he battles his depression alone, sending him down a dark path. The idea for this film came to me from my own experiences struggling with depression. Beginning in my high school years, I found myself having difficulty finding any joy in life.

Shane Gann

Sufferer was formed from a desperate need to hear the anxious and depressive voices in my head, separately from within. 

The thought spurred me to action, the first song fully written as soon as I picked up my guitar. After came an onslaught of ideas, and within a span of a few hours, I had a full song, parts for others, and the two basic concepts:

Maritza Navarro

I’ve been struggling with panic disorder for 16 years. I still work every day to tame my incessant worry and paralyzing fears. I created Hyper-Ventilate, an immersive performance, to encourage people to air out their experiences with anxiety and hopefully transform the audience’s understanding of mental health. 

Brady Altland

At AMG, we strive for excellence from our organization, our artists and our team in not just the work that we do in the music industry, but in our work in the community as well. When planning our spring concert/tour schedule, CEO and founder, Brady Altland, decided he wanted to plan a charity event or concert to give back to the community.

Melissa Osburg

I have suffered with anxiety since I was a child. It has come and gone until approximately three years ago when it rocked my entire world. This disease came out of nowhere and hit me like a ton of bricks. The irrational fears that would cycle in my brain are uncontrollable. My anxiety and panic attacks started running my life, I did not want to leave the comfort of my own home for the fear of having a panic attack in public.

Brittany Clarke

I used to believe that I was alone. That every day was 3 am, with no one around to see me through a hard time. No one could possibly understand my inner turmoil. This is a little snippet of my story to discovering how wrong I was.

Simon Bank

simon bank 1_0.jpgMy name is Simon Bank. I am 12 years old and I am from Los Angeles, California. I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder with Obsessive Thoughts and I am not ashamed of it. I was first diagnosed when I was 7 years old. At that time, I did not know why I was going to a therapist, or even what a therapist was. When I think back, anxiety has been a part of my life ever since I can remember.  

MARE3_0.jpgMARE is a fashion label centered on owning struggles, failures, darkness, night’MARE’s and using them to drive success, growth and positivity. We urge our community to take action, pulling oneself out of a negative space and into a positive state. Life ain’t fair, but what are you going to do about it? 

ashanti_fb2 (1)_0.pngThe ‘I Know’ Project brings together Grammy Award-winning singer Ashanti, the TouchPoint Solution, Singing for Superheroes and Michael Thomas & BJ Goodson of the New York Giants to shine a bright light on children’s anxiety. This amazing group of people, bound by the desire of helping kids, created a beautiful song & video that provides inspiration and hope to millions of children who suffer from anxiety.

Vasvi Mukerjee

Poster-ADAA-TakingAction_0_0.PNGI'm Vasvi Mukerjee. I recently graduated from Shillington School of Graphic Design, New York. Anxiety has always been a close issue to me and I know some of my friends also suffer from it every now and then. 

I created this campaign 'Anxiety Comes In All Shapes & Sizes' as a student project to help spread awareness about the rising issue of anxiety and how people can help themselves and others by reaching out to ADAA. 

Sydney Franklin

Challenger Deep - FINAL_0.jpgIn support of October being National Depression Education & Awareness Month, singer-songwriter Sydney Franklin will be releasing a new single, “Challenger Deep”, along with an official music video on Friday, October 26th. 

Taylor Brown

KORA4 (2)_1.jpgI’ve always been passionate about fitness. I think that it does so much good for both the body and the mind. My passion led me to become a personal trainer, which while it could be extremely rewarding, also exposed how degrading and selfish the fitness industry could be. Even though I loved helping my clients change their lives and find new self-confidence, I grew disenchanted with the industry as a whole and eventually had to get out.

Adam Carey

Adam Carey_0.jpgI am writing to share a personal story of how a young man close to me suffered from mental illness and saw no other way out and took his own life. He was a well-respected member of the community and was passionate about many organizations, ADAA being one of them. It was his wish, in lieu of flowers that donations were dispersed among those organizations. 

Sabrina Bruno

20180527_123207 (2)_0.jpgI designed my poster with the intent of showing that reaching happiness was possible; healing was possible. The bottom half of the poster represents the soul being trapped, surrounded by darker colors. I hoped to achieve what an individual might feel like facing a mental disorder alone. The luminescent light that surrounds the figure, represents when one is willing to take the first step in seeking the help they need.

TrapperHaskins_0.JPGMore than 2000 years ago, the Greek philosopher Heraclitus said, “You cannot step into the same river twice.” But...would we be human if we didn’t try?

Cara Benson

The summer season often brings an uprise in celebrations and events. Weddings, graduation parties, and summer barbecues are all extremely popular during this season. In fact, you might find yourself planning one of these events yourself! Event planning can be super stressful for anyone, and more so for those struggling with anxiety disorders. Though everyone feels the pressure to be the “perfect” host at their seasonal celebrations, those with anxiety disorders may be physiologically impacted, demonstrating significant distress to their mental state.