anxious1_1.jpegI never intended for depression or anxiety to be a part of my platform. When I was writing my EP I was speaking purely from my personal experiences, while writing it and speaking honestly I found a lot of what I had to say was about me not being ok in that particular time in my life. Now that the music is out I’ve had so many fans reach out to me and share their own struggles with anxiety depression, most of them seeking comfort and just wanting somebody to talk to about it.
I know the reason they feel that connection enough to reach out to me is because they feel a sense of comfort being that I am so open about those issues in my life through my music. I love that they feel so connected to music and with me but at the end of the day I’m just an artist and not a professional. I could send words of support or give advice based on what I found helpful for me but I can’t truly help them with their issues. That’s why I wanted to partner with ADAA, as they can offer resources and support in a very realanxious3_0.jpeg and applicable way. I know with the right resources I could take the platform I created with my music and the connection I forged with my listeners and actually apply in a way that could offer help in a very real practical way.

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