mindswimmers_0.jpgmindswimmer is an experimental jazz quintet committed to using our art to improve the world around us. We have each faced anxiety and depression, both personally and with those close to us. Unfortunately, one of our past collaborators and dearest friends took his own life when his burden became too great.

When we heard the news, we were shaken and left wanting for answers. In order to process our grief, we explored our feelings through improvised musical expression. During these recording sessions we expressed the complex emotions we felt and found beauty in this difficult time. The resulting album, between spaces, stands as a tribute to the love and passion that our friend so freely shared with everyone he met.

We hope that our art inspires conversation about the stresses of a creative life, reduces the stigma of seeking help, and supports the ADAA in its mission. To that end, mindswimmer will donate 50% of the sales of between spaces to help fund this important work.

Head to http://bit.ly/between-spaces to listen to or purchase mindswimmer’s between spaces.

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