2022 Annual Conference Blogs


ADAA is excited to offer a series of conference related blog posts authored by ADAA members. Blogs will be added throughout the coming months and will include tips on submitting for the conference, tips for first time attendees, and so much more! We look forward to welcoming you to Denver, CO, March 17-20, 2022.

Don't Risk FOMO - ADAA 2022 Annual Conference

We are excited to be serving as the co-chairs for ADAA's 2022 Annual Conference and we look forward to welcoming you to Denver in March. Over the next few months, we - along with the rest of the conference committee, ADAA staff, and numerous volunteers - will be working to bring you interesting and innovative educational content, exciting networking opportunities, and so much more.

One new feature is this webpage - the Conference Blog page. From now until the conference, blog posts written by ADAA members on a variety of topics ranging from how to prepare a great submission to what to expect as a first-time attendee will be added. These blogs will provide helpful tips for making the most of your conference participation. We hope you find them useful.

And, if there is a topic you think would be helpful to add or would like to write a conference blog of your own, please reach out to ADAA at [email protected]. They would love to hear from you.

Again, we look forward to seeing you in Denver!

Chadi Abdallah, MD and Lynnette Averill, PhD - 2022 Conference Committee Co-Chairs

Preparing Your ADAA Conference Submission: Tips for Writing a Strong Abstract

by Alex Bettis, PhD

Strategies and Tips for Writing a Successful Conference Submission

by Lynne Siqueland, PhD

Creating a Successful Poster

by Amy Przeworkski, PhD

Finding Leadership Mentorship Through ADAA: Unlock Your Potential

by Jessica Stern, PhD

Mentorship and Support – Finding Your Professional Home

by Ana Martinez de Andino, PhD

CDLP: Takeaways from an Awardee

by Cope Feurer, PhD


New to ADAA's Annual Conference? We've Got You Covered

by Brian Schmaus, PhD




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