2020 Timely Topics for Clinicians

Experts provide clinicians and other attendees with accessible evidence-based information on timely topics encountered in the practice setting. Attendees will learn the very latest in evidence-based practice on an array of topics, Timely Topics will be held on Thursday, March 19. Each session will be 60 minutes long (40 minute presentation with 20 minute Q&A session).

Thursday, March 19

9:00 am - 10:00 am

Culturally Responsive Approaches to the Treatment of Anxiety

Presented by: 

  • Amber Calloway, PhD, The Penn Collaborative for CBT and Implementation Science
  • Sarah Hayes-Skelton, PhD, University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Jessica LoPresti, PhD, Suffolk University Boston

10:15-11:15 am

Counseling Individuals and Families Bereaved by Suicide

Presented by: 

  • Joy Giorgio, MA, Banner Thunderbird Medical Center
  • Michael Weinberg PhD, Banner Thunderbird Medical Center

12:15 - 1:15 pm

The Perpetual Risk of Suicide in Police, Military and Veterans: What Every Clinician Needs to Know

Presented by:

  • Robert Ackerman, MSW, LCSW, Anxiety Disorders Treatment in Brooklyn
  • Tina Atherall, DSW, LMSW, PsychArmor Institute
  • Marianne Goodman, MD, Bronx Veterans Hospital for the Police and Military Suicide
  • Maggie Mortali, MPH, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Support provided by: 
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