2022 Sponsor Opportunities

ADAA's 2022 Annual Conference is scheduled to be in-person, March 17-20, 2021 in Denver, Colorado! Join more than 1,000 clinicians and researchers from across the US and around the world for vibrant programming, impactful connections with peers, and access to sponsors all while enjoying the beauty and excitement of Denver

Why Become an ADAA Sponsor?

The Anxiety and Depression Association sponsors the only annual conference focused exclusively on advancing science and treatment of anxiety, depression and co-occurring disorders. Our mission is twofold: We educate more than 11 million individuals and their families every year about these disorders and help them find treatment, resources, and support. We engage a diverse network of basic and clinical anxiety and depression researchers by promoting scientific innovation while supporting the implementation of evidence-based treatments and best practices to clinicians. 

Collaborating with ADAA at #ADAA2022 provides an opportunity to reach ADAA’s vast network of psychiatrists, social workers, psychologists, counselors, and therapists before, during and after the conference. Invest in your customer relationships and make an impact. 


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