2019 ADAA Genetics and Neuroscience Special Interest Group (SIG) Symposium

Friday, March 29 at 12:00 pm CT

Failure to Launch? Promises and Pitfalls of Genetic/Neuroimaging Predictors in Mental Health

In this symposium, Drs. Roy Perlis, MD and Isaac Galatzer-Levy, PhD will discuss the promises and pitfalls of genetic and neuroimaging predictors in mental health followed by an interactive discussion. 

Meet Our Speakers:

Roy Perlis_1_0_0.jpgRoy Perlis, MD is a Professor in Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and School of Public Health. Dr. Perlis' work focuses on developing clinical and genomic predictors of treatment response in mood disorders, and on developing novel therapeutics based on cellular models of brain disease.

galatzer.PNGIsaac Galatzer-Levy, PhD is a Clinical Psychologist/Neuroscientist at NYU School of Medicine and at AiCure. In his research, Dr. Galatzer-Levy uses clinical and neuroimaging data to predict trajectories of PTSD development and maintenance.