divabigg2 (2)_0.jpgDivaBigg is a body positive company. The company has three divisions; clothing, modeling (BBW in the Room), and show production, all geared toward body positivity. The company was founded based on the everyday woman embracing her body and falling back in love with herself.  At DivaBigg our slogan is “My Fat is My BEAUTY” we work daily to in steal that mindset in the women we mentor and the people we come in contact with.  We hand select women through an audition process to be a part of our company because we often see the beauty in them that they don’t see in themselves. We work hard to build up everyday women with our modeling program, our bold body positive clothing and the shows we produce throughout the year. 

Our focus is shed light and awareness on how body shaming impacts people mental and social health.  The effects of body shaming can be catastrophic to a woman’s self-esteem and mental health but by giving her a different view of the shame we take away the negative stigma and provide a positive spin. DivaBigg has taken a different approach toward body positivity, our approach is bold and fearless,  we do not sugarcoat our words or dress them up to make them fancy;  we say them out loud and give the pride power instead of shame.  We have made the word FAT a powerful badge of honor at our company we display that through artistic shows, clothing, and how we mentor our ladies. 

It was important for DivaBigg to partner with ADAA because as a company we come in contact with a large number of women that deal with anxiety and depression on a day to day basis.  We want to help those women understand that they are not along in the journey or the struggle.  We want to be a support system and source of encouragement for our women to get them the help needed.  It is an honor for us to aid as a source of knowledge and a director to a better understanding and support of those dealing with anxiety and depression.  It is our goal through working with ADAA that we can shed light and knowledge on anxiety and depression as well as help those in need get to a healthier place. 

To donate to ADAA go to www.divabigg.com and click on the DONATE NOW button! divabigg3_0.jpg

For more information on our company, how your donation is helping to make a difference in the lives of so many in our community, our upcoming events for this year and volunteer opportunities; go to our website: www.divabigg.com  

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