CBD Oil in the Treatment of PTSD

We are currently enrolling participants for a home-based clinical trial investigating two CBD Oil formulations in the treatment of PTSD. Eligible participants will be randomly assigned (like a flip of a coin) to one of the following 8 week treatments: (a) CBD oil isolate, (b) CBD oil broad spectrum, or (c) placebo oil. All study procedures (assessment and treatment) are conducted at your home using a smart phone, tablet, or computer connected to the Internet. All participants will receive 8 weeks of CBD oil at no cost.

IRB Approved: Mar 3, 2020 (#2019-05-0123)

University of Texas at Austin
Principal Investigator
Dr. Michael Telch
Eligibility Criteria

•    Meets for a current DSM-5 diagnosis of PTSD as their “primary” mental disorder
•    Age between 18 to 70
•    Fluent in English
•    Able to arrange transportation to our laboratory
•    Has access to the internet
•    Willingness to provide signed informed consent
•    Willingness to refrain from all non-study cannabis use during the study period

Exclusion Criteria

•    History of a suicide attempt within the past 6 months;
•    Any medical problem that would preclude participating in the study including liver disease;
•    Current use of warfarin or other prescribed blood thinners;
•    Currently taking seizure medications such as valproate, lamotrigine, or clobazam;
•    Currently taking thyroid medications such as levothyroxine;
•    Currently taking heart rhythm medications such as amiodarone;
•    Pregnant or planning to become pregnant within the next 6 weeks;
•    History of current alcohol or substance use disorder within the past month;
•    History of psychosis within the past six months;
•    History of adverse reaction to CBD oil or other CBD products;
•    Allergic to coconut oil

University of Texas at Austin
Study End Date