• Do you dislike the way any part(s)of your body (for example, your skin, hair, nose, eyes) look?
  • Do you think about your appearance for more than one hour per day?
  • Do you worry that your muscles are not big enough, or do you spend a lot of time lifting weights to enhance your muscles?
  • Do you engage in any behaviors intended to check on, hide, or fix your appearance (for example, mirror checking, comparing yourself to others, excessive grooming behavior)?
  • Or do you avoid any places, people, or activities because of your appearance concerns (for example, do you avoid bright lights, mirrors, dating, or parties)?
  • Do your appearance-related thoughts or behaviors cause you a lot of anxiety, sadness, or shame?
  • Do you have problems with your work, school, family, or friends because of your appearance concerns?

If you answered any of these questions with "yes," you might be eligible to participate in a study at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). If you qualify, you will receive a diagnostic evaluation at no cost and behavioral therapy treatment at no cost. You will be asked to fill out some questionnaires assessing body image symptoms, anxiety, and mood. The treatment will be at no cost to you.

Massachusetts General Hospital
Principal Investigator
Sabine Wilhelm, PhD
1-877-4-MGH-BDD or Allie Sullivan at 617-643-4387
Boston, MA