ELEKTD: Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) VS. Ketamine in Patients with Treatment Resistant Depression (TRD)

We are conducting a clinical trial in individuals between the ages of 21-75 to study the comparative effectiveness of ECT vs Ketamine in patients suffering from treatment-resistant depression. Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is an effective treatment option for individuals suffering from severe depression. Evidence from clinical trials has found that ECT works faster and more effectively than antidepressant medications, providing relief from depression symptoms and helping to maintain improvement. More recent studies suggest that intravenous (IV) ketamine is also effective in lowering depressive symptoms and may reduce suicidal thoughts. Many patients who undergo ketamine treatment report improvement in their mood in a matter of hours.  

If eligible, participants will receive the study treatment and all study-related care at no cost. Compensation will also be provided for time and travel.

To see if you qualify, please give us a call at 713.689.9856 or email us at [email protected].

You can also visit our website at www.bcm.edu/healthcare/care-centers/psychiatry

All inquiries are confidential.

Baylor College of Medicine
Principal Investigator
Dr. Sanjay Mathew
Eligibility Criteria
  • Ages 21-75
  • A current depressive episode that has lasted a minimum of four weeks.


Exclusion Criteria
  • Patient is unable to give informed consent

  • Patient is pregnant or breastfeeding

Study End Date