A Novel Computer-Based Therapy for Social Anxiety

We are currently enrolling individuals with social anxiety disorder to participate in this study. The purpose of this study is to assess whether a brief computer-based research treatment helps improve social anxiety symptoms. For eligible participants, this study will involve a brief, novel research treatment for social anxiety, delivered in 8 sessions over the course of 4 weeks. Participants will receive payment for completing study assessments. The study will also assess the effect of research treatments on brain activity using a scan called magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

IRB Approved: Dec. 2, 2020

New York State Psychiatric Institute/Research Foundation for Mental Hygiene
Principal Investigator
Dr. Franklin Schneier
Eligibility Criteria

•    Between the ages of 18-60
•    Current primary diagnosis of social anxiety disorder
•    Fluency in English and able to provide informed consent and participate responsibly in the protocol 
•    Ability to tolerate MRI scanning procedures
•    Normal or corrected-to-normal vision 

Exclusion Criteria

•    Current severe depression 
•    Suicidal ideation or behavior 
•    Present or past psychotic episode, psychotic disorder
•    Current diagnosis of PTSD, OCD, bipolar disorder, or tic disorder
•    Current or past organic mental disorder, seizure disorder, epilepsy, or brain injury
•    Current unstable or untreated medical illness 
•    Severe alcohol use disorder, severe cannabis use disorder, or any severity of other substance use disorder (nicotine use disorders allowed)
•    Use of psychiatric medication in the past month other than a stable dose of SSRIs or SNRIs, or zolpidem for sleep, for at least 3 months
•    Any concurrent cognitive-behavioral therapy or other psychotherapy that was initiated in the past 3 months 
•    Pregnancy or plans to become pregnant during the period of the study

New York State Psychiatric Institute
Study End Date