*Active but not recruiting*

Researchers are examining ways of delivering self-help tools to families for improving their management of common fears, worries, and challenging emotions in childhood.

Kansas City Center for Anxiety Treatment, P.A.
Principal Investigator
Katie D. Kriegshauser, PhD
Eligibility Criteria

Your family may be eligible to participate if you have:

  • A child between 6-11 years of age
  • A parent/guardian caregiver willing to participate
  • A personal iOS mobile device (iPhone 6 and up, or an iPad with Touch ID)
Exclusion Criteria

Your child is not eligible if they:

  • Have significant mental health issues, are in psychotherapy / taking medication for mental health difficulties
Email: research@kcanxiety.com | Phone: 913-956-6210
Completely online! For more information and to enroll, go to www.anchorsawayanxiety.com
Study End Date