Anxiety Anonymous


Hello everyone, my name is Nick Bonin. I'm excited to let you guys in on something I've been wanting to start for years now: a support group for the severely anxious.

The goal for Anxiety Anonymous is to provide an opportunity for individuals with diagnosed or undiagnosed anxiety disorders to share about their personal experiences and hear others’ personal journeys as well. By creating a virtual community I hope to 
and establish a wonderful support group for a community of like minded individuals who can share their experiences with anxiety disorders.

I was diagnosed with severe panic disorder about three years ago but struggled with anxiety for as long as I can remember. I wish a support group like this existed before and this is why I’m reaching out to you guys.
Through personal experience I’ve found that talking with others who can relate to the thoughts, feelings, and struggles associated with anxiety can help alleviate the weight of the disorder.

This meeting is free to the public, fully self-supporting, and will decline outside contributions affiliated with any particular organization or group. Donations are appreciated but not required, and money raised goes towards paying for the cost of hosting the monthly Zoom meeting.

All meetings will be based around the following structure: a guest speaker will be invited to kick off the meeting with a 15 minute share, followed by three minute time interval allocations for individual shares. The meeting will conclude with a thank you to our speaker as well as any contriubtuors.





Los Angeles
Nick Bonin
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