by Ken Goodman, LCSW
Fear of vomiting emetophobia

If you have a fear of vomiting, just reading the title of this article might make you a bit queasy. The mere mention of the "V word" might send you into a state of anxiety. If you can relate, I encourage you to press on despite your worry, so you can take the first steps to overcoming it.


No one enjoys vomiting and everyone thinks it’s disgusting, but most people are not afraid of it. But if you suffer with this type of phobia (specifically known as emetophobia), you are not only repulsed by the idea of vomiting, you fear it. Many people say that the anticipation of vomiting is often worse than the act itself.

And because you don’t know when it will happen, you are constantly on guard, rearranging your life to ward off any possibility of puking.

What Causes Nausea?

Stomach discomfort and nausea can be caused by motion sickness, a stomach bug, food poisoning, excessive eating or drinking, food intolerance and…anxiety!

That’s right. Anxiety and worry can cause stomach discomfort and nausea. And if you don't vomit when you’re anxious…you won’t!

Treatment Works

Treating vomit phobia is best accomplished through cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and exposure and response prevention (ERP). Treatment involves correcting faulty beliefs, reducing avoidance, and confronting challenging situations step-by-step. You are given tools, a new perspective, a winning mindset, and a strategy for facing your fears. Your motivation for ending your suffering is important because the therapy does take time, hard work, and courage. You must have self-discipline and determination to win. And if you do…you can beat emetophobia!

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Ken Goodman, LCSW, treats anxiety and OCD in Los Angeles.  He is the author of The Anxiety Solution Series, a step-by-step audio program, and Break Free from Anxiety, a coloring, self-help book for anxiety sufferers. Ken Goodman is an ADAA Clinical Fellow. Visit his website. 


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    I feel ya! I know what it's like to just feel so worried that you can't take it... Have you ever been to a therapist? Or a doctor? I know what you are going through and it SUCKS! I really hope you overcome these fears and can live your life as a normal teen!

    I am 12 and I have a very bad case of this phobia. It started when I was 8 years old. Some kid was vomiting in my bus and wouldn’t stop. I got scared cause I thought that if you just keep on vomiting and vomiting your going to die. I mean it was an 8 year old mine so yeah. Anyways it has gotten better. I used to have an eating disorder in 3rd grade you could see my ribs and I weighed 64 pounds. I had really bad anxiety. Now I’m in 6th grade getting better I am very petite to so my height also can effect my weight I am now healthy but I am still deadly afraid of vomiting. I would rather die then to vomit sometimes I would get thoughts that no one should even think about I am trying to past that because I don’t get those thoughts anymore. I want to live my best life without this phobia. But it is still in the back of my mind

    When I was 6 turning 7 I ate nothing but Honey Nut Cheerios because I was terrified to get sick. I was so skinny and in a pic I have of me I looked like I was extremely ill because I was not eating. I had finally started eating in the middle of 1st grade. Now I’m in 8th and eating except when I get nervous

    When i was younger I didn't fear it but now that I'm older it's gotten worse, mainly because everytime I'm sick it's been a very traumatic experience. I feel like i'm slowly getting over it but once I thought I was going to throw up and honestly i had a panic attack, I was shaking, sobbing and texting my friends and my mum because I was alone. I really wish I could just get over it. Two tips I have for when you're sick is 1) when feeling nauseated, take two fingers and begin to tap on your collar bone while inhaling in and out and simply focus on the tapping and 2) (this one I haven't had to use before but a friend of mine has and apparently it helped her a lot) when you feel vomit coming up your throat begin to rub up and down where your Adams apple would be and appatently it helps vomit go back down but remember when your being sick, billions of people have done it and survived and you will be no different, you are not alone if they can get through it why can't you. I've also found that waiting to be sick is much worse than actually being sick, actually once your being sick it isn't so bad. The best of luck, stay safe.

    I’ve had this phobia since I was six and a lot of my classmates all got it on the same day. They all got sick within an hour and it made me scared to even think about it ever since. Now I am older and I get sick less often but it still makes me dread the winter months. I think it might be because it has always come at terrible times when it just hits in the middle of the night or in a car, and it is true that I’m not afraid of throwing up itself as much as the 15-20 minutes before where I feel terrible and deny it’s going to happen until it is seconds away. I haven’t gotten sick in a couple years and the last time was not that bad but I am suppose to go on a trip with a friends family who all just got it and I feel like there is no avoiding it wether it be before, on the plane, or after. I always freak myself out about it for the entire winter because it seems like everybody around me is getting it and it just keeps spreading but when I get it I wonder why I was even scared about it, until a couple days pass and I slowly get back into the mindset of dreading the next year when it’s going to happen all over again. I like to think that I have a strong immune system so I’m just praying that I avoid it, even though it seems unavoidable with all the people around me who have it.

    Ever since I was in like 1st grade I can’t even see someone throw up it makes me shake uncontrollably and I can’t even go near the person for a certain amount of time I set for myself. If it’s a family member I can’t use the same bathroom they did for a certain amount of time or if someone throws up at school I can’t touch that spot ever again. I’m really afraid of catching it from someone because that would stress me out an unbelievable amount. It went away for a little and wasn’t as bad, just little things until my dad told me he was sick and I have to go there tomorrow and I really don’t want to because there is only one bathroom there and there is nowhere else I can use and I’m scared I will catch it or worse. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one

    On my 6th bday I threw up in front of everyone and I have not had a bday party nor celebrated my bday since that bday party. My mother also has a fear of it. My little sister has a condition called Irritable Bowel Syndrome and if she eats the wrong thing she could throw up or she could not eat anything bad for her and still throw up. I am constantly washing my hands during flu season and covering my face with my shirt when I’m near a person who has been sick I avoid them completely. It’s not easy but I have my mom who understands me so that helps a lot.

    I am now scared of catching the flu to make me throw up I will not even go to friends house in case they’re sick and could give it to me please help need advice

    Hey guys, the first time I ever got a panic attack I was 18 years old away at college, I never experienced anything like it before, I was so scared and hopeless and didn’t know what was going on with my body (bc I never even heard of a panic attack before then). I am now 22 and still experience heavy anxiety with every day activities (the sick stomach is a big reason I get anxious). I have done CBT, regular therapy, on medicine for depression and anxiety but feel like I’m somehow trapped in this life where I avoid interactions and being away from home. I just want everyone to know that they aren’t alone on here, this phobia and anxiety in general is a huge b*tch. If any of you want to reach out to me on pretty much any social media please do, I think it could benefit all of us to talk, listen, and share our experiences and how we’re trying to fix it! My Twitter is probably the best way to reach me but I also have Instagram and Facebook, my @ is emilykobryn. Please don’t hesitate, I want to talk to you guys!

    This fear of being sick is absolutely consuming my entire life. I am terrified to go to school because there is something going around. I got my flu shot and im still terrified. Earlier in class i overheard someone talking about this kid that got sick on the stairs earlier that day and its been on my mind since. I was at marching band practice and someone got sick and thats around the time the other issues started happening. I can remember about 2 nausea free days since november and i absolutely despise having these issues. My dad says im being highly irrational and he is bringing it up to my therapist next time. Even hearing or typing the word V- or P- or T- U- makes me extremely anxious. I only eat dinner on most days weekdays especially because im scared im going to get sick from it. I have lost about 34-ish pounds from not eating since november and im scared. I was overweight and im almost normal so the weight itself isnt scary but the rate im losing it is. If i hear that someone feels sick i always ask the symptoms bc i need the reassurance that they arent going to be sick, and if they say they do i find an escape route or distance myself. I never leave the house anymore, i cancel plans, and i never go anywhere besides school. I got my learners permit last week and i dont want to drive anymore because of the fear im going to get sick so im never going to get the hours to get a liscence. Im terrified for my upcoming chicago and hawaii trips in the spring and really dreading going because im scared im going to be sick the whole time and i feel really bad about it because my family put so much time and money into it and i feel like a burden to them because of my nausea issues. I sit in the bathroom for about 3-4 hours a day just in the fear im going to be sick when i feel slightly nauseas. Im at a loss and dont know what to do anymore. Almost everything i eat thats not saltines makes me sick. We have had everything tested and im getting scoped soon im so tired of these issues and i want it to all be over at about any costs.

    I'm definitely terrified of vomiting but it's more the stretching that gets me more than the act itself. How do I overcome the fear of the sound of wretching associated with vomiting?

    I literally have been having this phobia since I was about 7. I am 19 and still suffer through this from time to time. I am eating and my body is suddenly like "hey remember when you were 7 everything you ate made you wanna gag and throw up?" Then my body starts feeling all the same symptoms and I start freaking out and get an anxiety attack. Hands start sweating, heart beating fast, its just so awful. Cant eat full course meals because everything gives me that sick to my stomach feeling. I would probably rather take a bullet than throwing up. I feel so relieved knowing I am not the only one that feels this way. I really hope this passes like it has in other occasions I just want to feel like my normal self.

    I’ve had this phobia pretty much my whole life. I’m now 22 and I still suffer from it. In 2016 I migrated to the US to be with my now ex who treated me pretty bad and left me dealing with ptsd which hasn’t helped with my anxiety at all. It’s made my emtophobia worse, I remember the day it all came crashing down for me. We were out to eat and I swallowed a piece of food weird which made me feel a little nauseated. I then got scared and became even more nauseous, going back and forth to the bathroom because I thought I was going to throw up, but never did. Ever since that day nausea has come and gone. Sometimes daily (which it has felt like for the past 6/7 months) sometimes every few weeks. But I can’t shake this feeling and it’s awful. I’m reaching out to others because I don’t want to feel so alone in this battle. If anyone reads this and needs a friend who is going through the exact same thing, add me on Snapchat - stasseyr

    I have had this phobia for as long as I can remember. It used to be much worse when I was younger, but still at 22 now it’s pretty bad. I have constant anxiety during flu season and it gets to the point that I don’t eat because I’m afraid I’ll catch the flu. I drink grape juice like it’s my job because I read it helps fight the flu, I avoid anyone whose been sick for at least a week and if I’m made aware I’m in a bathroom someone threw up in, I hold my breath and cover my mouth until I can get out. There are many other parts that come along with it but those are just a few of the more extreme. It has affected relationships and friendships, and honestly it’s embarrassing because I can’t control it and nobody understands. Thank you for this article and the subsequent blog post you made. They really helped me understand I’m not alone and it can be dealt with!

    I have this phobia too and whenever I'd school trips I would freak out at the thought of vomiting which made me not want to go, which really sucked cause I loved learning things outside of boring math and English.
    When somebody ever mentions vomit I already feel nauseous, I try not to listen or ask them to stop. Just writing this reply makes me nauseous. At night all I think of 'Is this the night I'm going to be sick?' I toss and turn and then take out my phone to relax, I found several positions to feel less sick, Like laying on my back only without turning to the side.
    Hopefully it gets better cause despise vomiting and when I eventually do I cry a lot begging for it to stop. I have a fear of the bucket my mom would get so I could vomit in it after going back to bed. It's terrifying. Anyways I haven't vomited for around 1-2 years and I wish I wouldn't get sick for all my life, sorry for bit of broken English my main language isn't English.

    I do experience severe anxiety while feeling nauseous. The feeling is so intense I then go into panic attack mode. Vomiting is usually a relief for a few minutes after until the wave of nausea sets in again. I recently switched from Paxil to Celexa on doctor’s advice. I weened from Paxil while transitioning to Celexa. I’m beginning my second week on Celexa and experiencing my first panic attack/anxiety in six years. Yes, I’m terrified if feeling nauseous because it can last for days or weeks. This puts me in a state of dread and fear. I can’t eat, drink, or sleep. My body gets surges of tingles and a need to pace. Just writing this is a bit comforting cause it takes my mind off of my feelings. I feel so trapped and out of control. It’s like a phobia that is out of control.

    I definitely have this phobia and I didn't realize just how much of my life was being controlled by this until I was reading through all of you all's comments. I refuse to take medicines I've never taken before in fear that it'll make me vom-- (even typing the word is making my heart race) because I took a pill long ago on an empty stomach and it came back up. I've also started to realize just how much it effects the people I love around me when I have to avoid them if they even mention their stomach feeling weird. My little brother got sick earlier today and I couldn't even look at him because it freaked me out so much and that makes him really sad. No matter how I explain it to others, they don't understand what its like to wake up at night to find that your stomach is a little bit uncomfortable, probably meaning nothing, but become so freaked out about it that you can't stop shaking and crying. I went out of state with some friends to watch a concert one time and one of my friends got sick. I didn't use that toilet at all the rest of the time we were in the hotel and I had to move to the floor with no blanket and no pillow to stop freaking out because we were sharing a bed. Like a lot of others in other comments said, any time anyone mentions feeling like they might be getting sick I immediately ask them what isn't feeling good. I try to make it sound like I'm just asking because I care, which I do, but above all I am just terrified that they're getting some stomach virus. luckily I still eat normally (I am so sorry to anyone who has this phobia so bad that they cannot eat), but if I do get sick I can't eat anything for a week or longer in fear that anything will trigger it again. It takes all I have to make myself drink things during this time. I am 19 and I've had this phobia for most of my life, and I think all the time about what the heck I am going to do if i have kids. I want very much to create a family someday, but the thought of being nauseous during pregnancy and not being able to care for my children when they get sick makes me so scared. It's good to know that I am not alone on this. anyway, that was really long thank you for listening to my ted talk. I hope we can all find our ways around this and live the lives we deserve, free from this terrible phobia.

    I am terrified of the V word. I just shake and have problems doing things cause I feel like moving could make it come up. My main problem right now is travelling. I literally cannot travel long trips cause I get scared of throwing up. I refuse to eat ANYTHING and live off of my saliva and water only when I take my motion sickness medication. I really need help finding a way to get rid of this phobia cause I have 1 more chance to prove to my parents I can travel by myself without starving my self. But I cannot continue on my life like this.

    I have this phobia. It’s horrible. I seriously have full blown panic attacks because I think I’m going to throw up. My heart starts racing, I start sweating, I’ve even ran out the house with only a robe on trying to get fresh air. It’s not a joke. The ONLY thing that helps me is smoking weed! It’s crazy! If anyone wants to talk please feel free to message me on Instagram @realbreebarbie

    I used to be able to say that I hadn't thrown up since I was 9... I'm 16 now and I threw up a few days ago. It was a strange experience but my vomit phobia is back now and it runs deep. Ever since I was a kid my brother was always getting sick and puking. If my family asked me if I was hungry when we were on a trip away from home I would say no in hopes that we wouldn't stop anywhere to eat so my brother wouldn't get sick again. I still do this to this day even though my brother doesn't get sick anymore. Every time he got sick I either got sick or felt sick. However, this doesn't happen anymore either. I'm not sure why I threw up the other day, but ever since it has been scaring me. I lost my appetite and can get by the day with just a banana, an orange, and a bowl full of pretzels. I'm too afraid to eat at this point because I don't want to throw up again. I have nausea throughout the day though I'm able to distract myself usually. At night it gets bad because I get really scared. My experience isn't nearly as bad as a lot of people's here. I've just been in tears for the past 30 minutes because I've been coming to terms with my fear.

    I'm at my wits end. This phobia is affecting the whole family and we feel so helpless. It's horrible to see a child suffering and you cannot fix it right away. We have been trying everything and nothing has worked really...not sure where we go from here. Scares me reading all the stories that this phobia has afflicted people for years. So debilitating and awful.

    i 110% sure i have this phobia, whenever i have the feeling im going to throw up i start panicking and sobbing uncontrollably, im sick with the flu right now and i started crying earlier since it felt like i was going to vomit, when i do vomit i always cry/whine loudly. I do always feel better after i throw up, but the repulsive feeling that vomiting gives me makes me incredibly scared to.

    My phobia of sick has basically ruined my life. I can not be anywhere near anyone who feels sick. Never mind if there sick or not. I need help dealing with this problem. I am 12 years old.

    I'm so afraid of throwing up the second I feel sick I stop eating. It's not that I want to stop eating, I just completely loose my appetite, I start shaking, sweating, I can't talk to anyone or I throw up cause I'm freaking out, I just lay in the bathroom. Please eat. Bile is a foam you throw up and it's parts of your stomach lining and acid, very gross. You can throw it up when you're stomach is empty. I'm suffering through that right now and not even nausea pills are helping me not like my brains out. Be safe !!! Maybe I'll learn my lesson this time lol

    I have had this phobia for almost 4 years and it has badly effected my life. I have never had motion sickness and I don’t get travel sickness but I have convinced myself stupidly that I have so now I have to take a travel sickness tablet even for a 30 minute drive. It’s effected my driving lessons to the point where I cancel them even though I want to drive so badly. I went to therapy at CAMS for 6 months which I admit worked a little bit but I’m still so terrified of vomiting. I haven’t thrown up since I was a child and I am now 18, but a few years ago (I was around 16) I had a huge panic attack after feeling the slightest bit nauseous in the morning, this panic attack lasted 4 hours and I ended up drinking 5 pints of water (water is one of my coping mechanisms) It was so much water that I ended up vommiting the water back out, after I threw up I thought ‘that wasn’t bad at all? Why am i so scared of it, I just threw up and I’m fine’ And even when I had to throw up again I was fine, it was like I never had the phobia. I thought that would be me done now, because for that day I wasn’t scared to throw up, but even after facing my fear the phobia is crawling back and I’m so upset and disappointed that I’m not over it. I’m embarrassed and I want to fix this before I go to university so I can eat and drive and care for other sick people without freaking out. This phobia has stopped me from driving/travelling, eating certain foods like chicken or drinking milk and even going out drinking because I fear of getting a hangover. My mum is the most caring person in the world however she doesn’t understand the phobia and as much as she tries she isn’t much help. For advice for other people, calming yourself down is baes however it is an important step to fix this. My friend at college suffers the same phobia, she went to see a hypnotist and although it was pricey she said it worked miracles and now she feels like she is completely free from the phobia. I’m 18 years old and I want to stop this phobia before it effects my life anymore.

    Shea (Canadian Male)

    April 6, 2019

    My daily life consists of Emetophobia, Aerophagia and Generalized Anxiety(?) Among other things I do not know hat to call them. This one thing I hate too is feeling like I'm always in a dream like state... Fucking Hate It!
    My life's mess cause of these conditions I have. I think my wife is starting to hate me :-( It also affects my kids.
    I wont even really touch my kids when they come home from daycare, especially with the filthy germs in those places. Even then, I'm scared to kiss my kids and wife on the lips as bacteria and viruses are passed through saliva the easiest. SAY NO NOROVIRUS! SAY NO TO ROTOVIRUS! And what's with these man made viruses... fuck 'em!
    Anyways, my life is a mess and I'm deeply stuck within it. I need help out...
    Consumed by what can go wrong, can happen and most likely will happen!
    I'm 41 years of age now, but when I' was about 30, for a few months I was unable to leave m,y apartment without having immense panic attacks that would seriously last for hours!(not seem like hours, but actual hours!!). The Emetophobia style panic attacks along with with constant swallowing(Aerophagia) which has become a bad habit like smoking - To the point where my tummy hurts and messed up my bowels and even affects my chest. Also, I have this fear of diarrhea, not he loose one, but the pure water ones... like when you have the Norovirus/Rotovirus. Sometimes I don't shit for weeks! This obviously have caused more prolems for me. I listen and too in tuned to body internal movements... I cant stand my brain :-(
    As far as I can remember even a baby, I suffered anxiety... seriously, when I was an infant I can still feel the anxiousness I endured then. My first Panic or Anxiety attack was when I was 11 years old at the movies on a Soccer Team Trip to Calgary, Alberta. I'm from Winnipeg, Manitoba. I was taken to the hospital during the movie. I just remember me freaking and panicking that I couldn't breathe. I think this is the first time I started swallowing air. It's almost like when I swallowing(as if you'd swallow air the same way you would to burp for fun with friends), but it was to morely relieve my senses when I did burp... It seemed to settle me a bit.
    There's so much more... But I'm sure I bore most of you. Well, this wasn't for you anyways, but for myself.
    I guess off to my little bubble life...


    It’s such a awful phobia to have. I suffer severely from it. I’m beyond petrified of catching norovirus and food poisoning. It’s so disabling that I have to wipe things around my house daily using a anti virus wipe that hospitals use, I won’t go to school if there is an outbreak etc. I’ve been phobic since I was 3/4 and it has got worse over the years now that I’ve got older and more aware of it. I had a nasty norovirus/rotavirus when I was little which caused out of control chundering every 5 minutes for 12 hours. Ever since then the lack of control over my body and the thought of lots of liquid coming out my mouth which can last for up to 2 minutes and be every few minutes just scares me. I hate not being able to control my own body. I have asperger’s and am very sentive and get sensory overloads, so chundering significantly hightens my senses making me dizzy and clammy which all together ends up in a nasty panic attack, where I can’t see hardly, I get dizzy and lose feeling in my legs, my heart beats out my chest and I cry asking for an ambulance and for help even if my mum or dad is holding me up and reassuring me. It’s such a traumatic experience and I just don’t want to experience that so I do everything I can to stop it happening. I had constant melt downs when my little brother has norovirus earlier this year, from his first chunder to the wait and anticipation of me possibly getting it after 48 hours of him being ill. What upsets me is I had to cover my mouth when ever I went near him just in case the particals went in my mouth. And when he chunder I just froze and shouted for my mum to help, I couldn’t even go in and check if he was ok or help clean it up beixase I’m
    Terrified of it. It gets very miserable being a 16 year old with this phobia, I’ve had it about 12 years now and even though I have some exposure therapy, its really hard to shift this phobia and due to the severity, it’s irreversible and I’ll always have it in some
    Way. Surprisingly, I don’t panic when my cat or dog chunders, maybe beixase I know I can’t catxh what they have and normally it’s a very small puddle full of grass or in my cats case, kibble and wet food.

    Hi guys, I’m only 20 years old I’m a single mother of 1. My daughter is 2 years old. I have a huge fear of vomiting - it literally consumes my whole life. My thoughts/actions what I do throughout my day EVERYTHING! I could be hanging out washing, cooking dinner, doing the dishes and the thought that I feel nauseous and could vomit is all I can think about. People say try distract yourself, talk to a friend, listen to calming music etc - but whatever I do just doesn’t help. I have been taking prochlorperazine tablets whenever I feel nauseous because there known to stop vomiting. I know I can’t take these everyday and I certainly can’t rely on them for the rest of my life. I feel nauseous and think I’m going to vomit every single day. Being a mum too just makes things so much more difficult. I avoid eating out/people who are sick/food near its ‘use by’ date all the time. Also when I eat food afterwards I can feel it in my stomach and still taste it which makes me feel really sick. I need help with this as I can’t live my life like this anymore. Please reach out to me or comment below.

    Hi guys, I’m only 20 years old I’m a single mother of 1. My daughter is 2 years old. I have a huge fear of vomiting - it literally consumes my whole life. My thoughts/actions what I do throughout my day EVERYTHING! I could be hanging out washing, cooking dinner, doing the dishes and the thought that I feel nauseous and could vomit is all I can think about. People say try distract yourself, talk to a friend, listen to calming music etc - but whatever I do just doesn’t help. I have been taking prochlorperazine tablets whenever I feel nauseous because there known to stop vomiting. I know I can’t take these everyday and I certainly can’t rely on them for the rest of my life. I feel nauseous and think I’m going to vomit every single day. Being a mum too just makes things so much more difficult. I avoid eating out/people who are sick/food near its ‘use by’ date all the time. Also when I eat food afterwards I can feel it in my stomach and still taste it which makes me feel really sick. I need help with this as I can’t live my life like this anymore. Please reach out to me
    My Instagram is .. mmayxxc

    I’ve had this fear for so long. At first I didn’t tell anyone because I thought they would think that it sounds stupid! Then it started getting worse. I wouldn’t talk to people who thought they were about to be sick, or just were getting over the flu or something. When I hear the word, my heart starts racing. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to help it. I’ve heard that the only way to get over it is to face your fear. I actually ended up getting the flu last December. I woke up at like 3, thought I was gonna be sick but just stayed in bed because I didn’t want to face the fact. But I started feeling worse, I had to wake up my mom because it’s been years since been sick. I was so nervous for what was about to happen. I was sitting hovering over the toilet, shaking, had my eyes closed. Honestly was thinking it wasn’t real. My mom kept telling me that it’s ok and I’ll feel better after I do it. So, I just let it out. It wasn’t as bad as I had remembered, but it was mostly because there were no chunks.. it was completely clear. Thank heavens. I’m still living in fear though. Don’t know how to make all of this better.. I really wish this wasn’t something I had to worry about 24/7.

    I have had the fear of throwing up ever since I was in third grade. I was so scared of going to school and at night I would freak out that I was going to throw up. Having this anxiety I was waking myself feel nauseous and sick. My fear was fine after third grade until 6th grade when I threw up again. I was so proud of myself and I realized it’s not that bad. It’s just the anticipation. But now I am in eight grad and my fear is back. Everyone around me is getting sick and I am scared I will too. I just hate the anticipation and the nausea beforehand. Usually every three years I throw up around this time. Now I am freaking out everyday and it is ruining my life. I am going to a conselour but I don’t feel that she understands. Any help from those who can relate?

    Hi I can relate I been having severe aniexty for 9 years now it’s been hard Some days .Go to therapy it has helped me a lot even if I still have it , it has gone low for me I still need to work on it! I been in therapy for 5 years now and I noticed a big change in my life!! Hope this helps !

    I have suffered from this for 4 years now it’s so hard I never want to leave I always carry a bag with me and then every minute of my life for the last 4 years I have felt sick at night time I need a cold cloth on my head and a garbage can. School is the worst. And then when I start to feel sick I think to myself I’m not sick it’s just me but then my mind goes to well what happens if you are sick

    I have a fear of throwing up in front of people it’s gotten to a point it controls my life ?it hard going out side some times I get nausea just sitting in a car ! I don’t eat out side or go the day without eating if I’m going out later that day! I wish my little de was more normal ?

    Although this is not the same it’s really hard having this phobia ! Been battling this for 12 years already I can not go out with out feeling nauseous:( it’s hard there days where I am good but there days where I am bad I just hope one day it will be over with it and keep living life without it or not as much

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    I'm really glad I started reading some of your posts. I have a son, who is 23 yrs old. When he was in 7th grade, his appendix ruptured, and he got very sick. Spent a month in one hospital, was transferred to another, spent another month there, then had to go to rehabilitation for a month after that. He got better, and I didn't think anything about the whole experience psychologically effecting him. He graduated, moved out, I saw him regularly, and everything seemed fine. About a month ago, he asked if he could move back home again for a little while because he and his girlfriend broke up, and he said he had been in the hospital overnight because he had really bad stomach problems. He said the hospital couldn't fine anything wrong with him. So he moved back in, and after about a week, I heard him throwing up, and figured he went out, and had too much to drink. But the next night it happened again. He got to the point he wasn't eating at all, and every time he drank something, even water, it came right back up. After 2 days of this I really started worrying- especially when he said he hadn't been drinking alcohol, or doing drugs or anything. I took him to the ER, and after a few hours they sent him home saying once again, they couldn't fine anything wrong with him. He went back 2 more times after that, and each time it's the same thing. In between dry heaving, all he does is sit there and moan really loud, and sometimes gets up and paces. He takes like 4 baths a day, and is in there for hours- saying it makes him feel better. But when he gets out of the tub, everything starts all over again. Today he was complaining, and doing the same thing, but this time added that today he was constipated too. For the people out there experiencing similar symptoms, do you think that the illness, hospitalization in 7th grade, now has him with an anxiety disorder and emetophobia? Any comments or help is appreciated, I just don't know where to go from here, and I can't take the constant heaving and moaning every single day now. ~Thanks.

    Ive only just now learned what the fear of vomiting is called. I guess my fear started in 4th grade when I ate far more than my tiny little stomach could handle. Got sick all over in the car on the way home, but that's what happens when a kid eats 3 plates of food and then like 4 slices of thick cut watermelon. The second I hear anything along the lines of "I dont feel good" I go into panic and start asking the person if their stomach hurts because a handful of people I know say I dont feel good for cold related symptoms and another handful says it for stomach related symptoms. I wake up panicky about possibly being sick almost every night. Its gotten to the point where I smoke marijuana now to try and trigger my hunger so I can rule out any sicknesses and just blame my heartburn or nerves. I use lysol as hand sanitizer and have sadly sprayed my mouth out with it before when I was unknowingly betrayed and exposed to the stomach flu. I am not proud of this moment, but it shows just how much i DON'T want to get sick with anything stomach related. I'd rather have a gnarly cold honestly. This controls my life to a very high degree and I am also ruining my brothers life with it on top of my own due to the fact that my freak outs have rubbed off on her. He is becoming a germ freak like me. It is currently 2:40am and I am only on this site at this moment and commenting because I am coming down from the first part of my nightly routines of panic attacks. I've tried to talk to my doctor about it, but she doesn't take me seriously or care at all. So I guess I'm stuck with my marijuana method for awhile.

    im not scared of when other vomit, or like im not scared because i dont wanna vomit somewhere public. when i dont have the feeling im not scared, but when im sick i do everything to not throw up. help

    im here again! oh and anyway thank you doctor for helping us! C: im glad you made this website and if it is not going away guys, talk to your doctor! thats why they are here on earth! :)

    For me it's really a fear of eating due to the fear of vomiting. Sometimes I will literally throw up from thinking of certain experiences I have had with eating out. I hate it. Ever since my pregnancy ( I lost my baby), I have had morning sickness. I literally never got over it, and I dont know what to do about it.

    It's upsetting to see people so young suffering from this, please please ask your parents to take you to therapy, the sooner you start, the sooner you'll get better

    Hi! My Emetophobia has been really bad lately, I get dizzy at night because I have the slightest thought of the letter “V”, I have to walk around and try to calm myself down, other people who feel sick make me feel even worse! If theirs even a possibility that I will throw up from a food, I will absolutely NOT eat it. Its worse at night, but it also happens during the day, I will avoid going out, and when I get home from school I will wash my hands multiple times. And one time I told these people on the bus I had this fear, and everyday they would tease me by sitting next to me and pretending to feel nauseous! I HATE THEM NOW!!!! The bus driver finally told them off, but still, I hate em. Back to sleep, its awful. I often stay up all night, and it doesn’t help that both of my parents go to work around 5 and 8 AM, resulting in more anxiety. But im also lactose intolerant, so I fear that something has dairy in it, even if I read the ingredients, so I don’t eat a lot at all, ive gone to the doctors and they told me to go see a therapist because they think its just “mental issues” which offends me, but their probs right. Anyway, if you have any tips to help me, that would be great! Have a great day!

    Im still a kid and I hate it so much when people throw up. I remember at my school someone vomited in my class and I freaked out so much I literally started crying. I try to talk to myself at the night and ask myself why am I scared of such a thing. throughout the years it's gotten worse and worse and every single school day at lunch I just sit there and stare at the clock waiting for lunch to be over, I really hate it when people vomit in the lunchroom it scares me soo much and I start to have panic attack. It's gotten so bad that I'm actually scared to walk in the hallways at school because I'm afraid that someone could've just threw up so whenever I see a "caution wet floor" sign or something like that I literally just start shaking constantly and feel dizzy. I really hope that I overcome this fear because i've spent more than half my life worrying over and over.

    i have this phobia, i am terrified of throwing up. but for those of you who have this phobia like me, you will get through it. what helps me is exercise, and distracting myself. i also like to lay down, and take a nap, or think about what certain things look like.. like heaven. for those of you who read this, you will get through it and im here for you. dont forget this, you can get through this, and later on in life, you will realize that you were worrying for nothing. have a great day. <3 ~ Olivia

    Although I have not been diagnosed with this phobia, I can definitely tell I’ve been experiencing it since before I could remember.

    The slightest though of throwing up will give me instant anxiety, I will shake uncontrollably and I will hold it back as long as I can. I can’t find any relief in convincing myself that I am usually fine and it’s just an anxiety but it’s getting to the point where it is controlling my life. I work with young children and inevitably I do become unwell sometimes, but if a child has a stomach bug or even if they tell me they have a tummy ache I am instantly faced with the thought that I have caught this bug to the point where it makes me feel sick and I have to go home. My partner is concerned and annoyed when I think I am unwell and will throw up because this will go on for hours, I wish I didn’t wake him up with my shaking but I can’t find any way to help myself.

    Okay so when I was little, I used to be in the nurse’s office everyday because of a stomachache. I hardly ever got sick & my mom would always tell me to just go back to class and if it still hurt, then she’s pick me up. Always, I would go back to class and it wouldn’t hurt. I soon started taking a pill for my ADHD. Those ‘stomachaches’ went away completely. I soon realized it was anxiety. And for some reason, when I’m on my pill, it helps me focus on school and not on fear of throwing up or getting sick. I don’t take my pill on weekends or during the summer so I get anxiety whenever I go to my friends house or go out to eat. It really sort of ruins the time for me and I don’t get to have fun because I psych myself out. I still get anxiety when i’m at home as well. I just think, “i’m going to be sick. & one day when i move out, my mom won’t be there to rub my back while my face is buried in the toilet.” and that really scares me. I have a way of getting through it, usually i’ll pace back and fourth and develop and patter of walking and focus on that pattern. or i’ll rub my legs and move my fingers and hands a certain way and focus on that. My mom tells me it’s good that I do this & that’s it’s a way of ‘self meditation’. I’m not sure if this has anything to do with fear of throwing up, but I just wanted to share my story.

    I suffer from this right now and I’m trying to fix it rlly bad it was so bad that we had to go to the hospital bc we didn’t know what was going on and I took drugs to cool me down not only the fear of puke I have a fear of sickness

    I am very phobic about vomiting whether it’s me or someone else. I’m not a kid. I’m 68 years old. I haven’t vomited since I was about 12. At any rate, this phobia has affected my entire life. I have no social life because I don’t go where there is drinking, I don’t go out during stomach bug season, I never had children and this makes me very sad. I have no friends and family makes fun of me so I avoid them. I was born a very sick baby and my therapist feels that is when this started for me. I have pretty much given up on a cure.