by Susan Gurley, ADAA Executive Director

Since November of 2017 when Facebook launched its new fundraising program, ADAA has been extremely fortunate to receive many generous donations through Facebook fundraisers. These fundraisers are created by Facebook members celebrating birthdays and choosing - in lieu of gifts - to have their friends and family make donations to a nonprofit of their choice. We wanted to extend a huge thank you to those who choose to fundraise on behalf of ADAA - your generosity makes a critical difference!

One thing that ADAA and the people fundraising for us often have in common is that we share a unified mission to help those battling anxiety, depression, and related disorders find treatment, support, and resources that can help them in their journey to regain control over their mental health. Together we are #breakingthestigma and triumphing!

Below are some wonderful quotes from ADAA Facebook fundraisers sharing why they chose to support our mission:






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