by Roberta E. Tovey, PhD

Roberta ToveyImagine walking into a doctor's office and getting a treatment that's been shown to be most effective for your kind of depression or bipolar disorder. This doesn't happen today. But by pulling together the largest pool of data ever collected, a national team of clinical researchers is seeking to collect enough information about how different treatments work so doctors can provide just that type of care. Led by Massachusetts General Hospital, the team is collaborating with patients and national organizations.

Through the newly established MoodNetwork, the team's goal is to advance knowledge of which treatment works best for which person and to take a major step forward in personalized care of people who suffer from a mood disorder.

MoodNetwork is a collaboration of patients, advocacy groups, and researchers, working together to advance understanding and treatment of mood disorders. Using a secure website, patient participants can track their clinical progress, comment in blogs and forums, propose research questions and priorities, and help evaluate the effectiveness of treatments. They will also have opportunities to participate in future studies. All identifying information remains private and will never be shared.

Mood network logo"The goal of the project is to transform the lives of people living with mood disorders through their active involvement in this study network," says Andrew Nierenberg, MD, principle investigator of MoodNetwork. "MoodNetwork is truly patient-powered. We are fortunate to have a dedicated group of patient and advocacy group colleagues who have had a major role in building and running MoodNetwork. We believe that if we share ideas and experiences and work together in a community of learning, we will make a difference."

For more information visit MoodNetwork or email the team at


Roberta E. Tovey, PhD, is the Director of Communications at the MoodNetwork.


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