Katharina Manassis, MD

Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto

Professor of Psychiatry, Senior Associate Scientist
University of Toronto

Dr. Manassis describes the technique of problem-solving with anxious children, including how parents, teachers, and others are involved.

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For Parents
Keys to Parenting Your Anxious Child, (Barron's Educational Series, 2008)

Helping Your Teenager Beat Depression: A Problem-Solving Approach for Families (Special Needs Collection), (Woodbine House, 2004)

For Clinicians
Problem Solving in Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy: A Skills-Based, Collaborative Approach, (The Guilford Press, 2012)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with Children: A Guide for the Community Practitioner, (Routledge, 2009)

Mood Assessment via Animated Characters, a free computerized feelings instrument

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