Ruth Golomb, LCPC

Clinician, supervisor, and co-director of the doctoral training program at The Behavior Therapy Center of Greater Washington, Silver Spring, Maryland 
Scientific Advisory Board and faculty, Trichotillomania Learning Center (TLC)

Ms. Golomb explains trichotillomania and other body-focused repetitive behaviors, their effective treatments, and what parents and patients should know to make sure they’re getting appropriate treatment.

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The Hair Pulling Habit and You: How to Solve the Trichotillomania Puzzle, by Ruth Goldfinger Golomb and Sherrie Mansfield Vavrichek

A Parent Guide to Hair Pulling Disorder: Effective Parenting Strategies for Children with Trichotillomania (Formerly "Stay Out of My Hair"), 
by Suzanne Mouton-Odum and Ruth Goldfinger Golomb

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