by Massoma Alam

My name is Massoma Alam and I am the author of Produce More, Stress Less: A Guide to a Happier and More Productive Workplace which is expected to publish April 2021. My book is about workplace stress with an emphasis on novel ways to combat anxiety beyond the oversimplified advice of taking deep breaths and relaxing. The book also discusses ways employers can help their employees with their stress and ultimately enhance their productivity. My book is now available for preorder until Dec 30, 2020, at the link below!

I was inspired to write this book because conventional ways of approaching anxiety just wasn’t cutting it and I wanted a place where I could present years of research-proven techniques of dealing with anxiety that helped me.

In 2018, I had been living with anxiety for nine years, which compounded with workplace stress had affected my wellbeing, growth, and productivity.

I spent years working on myself, on medications and practiced every method possible to be free of my anxiety. Through the years I experienced many different types of fears from fear of driving, flying, fainting, open spaces, being alone, pregnancy, and many others. My anxiety became debilitating and at one point I even became agoraphobic, which is fear of leaving the house.

I finally recovered from anxiety in 2018 with the help of therapy, tools I had learned over years of research, and the book, “DARE: The new way to end anxiety and stop panic attacks fast” by Barry McDonagh which I talk about in my TEDx Talk titled, “Go Spaghetti: Overcoming Anxiety” which you can watch on youtube:

I learned that I may have intrusive thoughts, but I have full control over my actions. I learned to accept reality as it is and not resist it. I learned to not push away my thoughts but accept them and release them. I learned to let go of fear.

I recommend keep pushing out of your comfort zone (do small steps, if anything, but keep taking steps forward). Feel the fear and do it anyway! Eventually, I realized that anxiety is just sensations, feelings, and thoughts. “I am safe and it will pass,” is what I would repeat to myself.

I learned that anxiety is a lot about self-care, and it makes a big difference (working out, meditation, yoga, sleeping, and eating right are the bare minimum requirements). All of these helped me on my road to recovery.

I can drive confidently now, I have flown on a 14-hour flight and many other flights since my fear started, I have been on the tallest building of the world-- the Burj Khalifa! I did a TEDx Talk on a stage in front of hundreds of people about my journey with anxiety and the tools I used to recover. If I can do it, ANYONE can do it. Yes, I still experience anxiety at times, but I don’t have the same intense response and it goes away within seconds. I sit with the feeling, I accept it, I don’t react, and it passes very quickly. However, to get to this point, it took a lot of work, practice, and pushing outside my comfort zone – but I did it!

My book pre-sale campaign helps me fund the cost of production of my book in eBook, paperback, hardcover, and audiobook format which costs $8,000. The presale campaign also invites individuals into my journey to publishing. If you buy a paperback you get many perks including getting your name in the back of the book, helping me pick my cover, and reading my introduction early to name a few!

The outreach for my book has been humbling and I have already reached the $8,000 goal! From now to the end of the campaign I will donate 15% of the proceeds to ADAA. I chose to donate to ADAA because I was moved by ADAA’s work and mission including continuing to find new and effective treatments to cure and prevent these disorders.

I am inspired by the personal stories on the website! Today, I am honored to write my personal story, so that I am also a source of hope to others. I feel extremely grateful to be able to give back to the community that is working toward the same goals as I am – to triumph over anxiety and depression!

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