ADAA and SAVE are proud to announce the release of a new collaborative Suicide Prevention infographic. People who kill themselves exhibit one or more warning signs, either through what they say or do. The more warning signs, the greater the risk. This infographic provides a "quick glance" of tips to help determine if someone is suicidal by understanding the warning signs, knowing the questions to ask, the "do's and don'ts," and how to find help. SAVE (Suicide Awareness Voices of Education) has been the leading suicide prevention organization working to prevent suicide through public awareness and education for nearly 30 years. SAVE's expertise and capacity includes having developed state of the art suicide prevention programming for youth, adults and communities, including an NREPP Evidence-Based Program and research on public awareness that has shaped the field, while also providing leadership around the nation and throughout the world. SAVE works tirelessly to reduce the stigma of suicide, serve as a resource to survivors of loss, and engage those with lived experiences. To learn more about SAVE, visit www.save.org.  Click here to visit ADAA's suicide prevention website page for additional suicide prevention resources.