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ADAA is delighted to announce a new collaborative partnership with Anxiety UK.

Anxiety UK is a national registered charity formed in 1970 by someone living with agoraphobia for those affected by anxiety disorders. They are a user-lead organization run by people with the experience of living with anxiety or anxiety-based depression, supported by a high-profile medical advisory panel.

Anxiety UK works to relieve and support those living with anxiety and anxiety-based depression by providing information, support and understanding via an extensive range of services, including 1:1 therapy. Anxiety UK works regularly with external agencies and healthcare professionals to improve services for those living with anxiety and anxiety-based depression and also campaign to raise awareness of the conditions. Anxiety  UK also offers information and services to professional health care workers (GPs, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers etc.) working, or interested in the area of anxiety disorders.

ADAA believes that by working together, both Anxiety UK and ADAA have the potential to achieve far more than we could alone as  partnership enhances the common mission of both organizations to help individuals and their families who are affected by anxiety and depression, as well as support the professionals who provide direct services. Through this association both organizations will benefit from an open channel of communication, sharing experiences and knowledge of best practice, while opening new avenues of mutual possibility.

The collaboration also presents an exciting opportunity for Anxiety UK’s Approved Therapists, who will have the option of signing up for a specially tailored ADAA membership plan. This will support continuing professional development via access to ADAA’s online interest groups, conferences and resources. 

"As it is the case that we now all operate in a global manner because of the internet, it absolutely makes sense that like-minded organisations should collaborate more so as to double our efforts to support those with anxiety, stress and anxiety based depression.  Both Anxiety UK and the ADAA have long track records of providing such support and the opportunity to combine such expertise through this partnership, is something I particularly welcome," says Nicky Lidbetter, CEO of Anxiety UK.

Susan Gurley, ADAA Executive Director says “ADAA is delighted to be partnering with Anxiety UK. Mental health issues have no borders and we are excited to be collaborating with our colleagues in the United Kingdom to learn about their country’s best practices. This is a wonderful opportunity to share knowledge and our combined resources to support both with our consumer as well as our professional communities.”

About Anxiety UK
For more information on any of Anxiety UK’s services including training, partnership and consultancy services contact: [email protected]; 0161 226 7727 or visit:   

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