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ADAA is delighted to announce its partnership with Pedestal Foods and the launch of Project Thrive. The Project Thrive initiative is rooted in positive psychology and was launched in a high school in Nashville, Tennessee.  getyoursmileon.pngThe photo pictured to the left is the “shout-out” wall from the first day of the project. The “Shout Out” Wall is a place for students and Pedestal Foods staff to post notes about gratitude, good humor, kindness, and friendliness.

Pedestal Foods is a contract food services company with clients in higher education, assisted living and K-12. Pedestal Foods and their customers have identified student wellness, specifically in the area of anxiety, depression and suicide, as a major challenge and opportunity. ADAA and Pedestal Foods are taking action together to address these issues. 

Under the leadership of President Karen Cassiday, ADAA has created an evidence-based protocol for the company to train their staff and create experiences in the dining areas that promote student mental thrivetable.pngwellness. This initiative — Project Thrive — rooted in positive psychology, will help create moments of joy for students and offer resources for those in need of support.

Jamila_George.pngADAA is pleased to announce that Jamilah R. George, MDIV, Post-Graduate Research Associate at Yale University, OCD Research Clinic, is the recipient of a $1,700 grant to serve as a data analyst for Project Thrive. 


For questions about this project, please contact Helen Heymann, ADAA Senior Education Program Manager.