The Integrative Behavioral Health SIG was launched in January 2018.

The Integrative Behavioral Health SIG promotes collaboration, education/mentoring, research, and networking among ADAA members who have a specific interest in alternative and complementary medicine.

SIG Co-Chairs:

  • Melissa G. Hunt, PhD - University of Pennsylvania- Co-Chair
  • Laura Rhodes Levin, MF, LMFT - The Missing Peace Center for Anxiety - Co-Chair

Board Liason:
Sheila Rauch, PhD, ABPP, Emory University School of Medicine 

Melissa Hunt, PhD, member of the Integrative Behavioral Health SIG presented the following sessions at the #ADAA2019 Conference:

This SIG's scope will be to:

  • Explore research
  • Encourage and promote continued research
  • Explore the clinical applications for complementary and alternative therapies such as yoga, massage, acupuncture and similar interventions.
  • Develop workshops, webinars and blog posts relating to these interventions.  Offer commentary on the empirical evidence and areas for further study related to various complementary and alternative therapies in medicine
  • Provide a networking community for members of ADAA who have an interest in complementary and alternative medicine
  • Promote discussion among ADAA members about the empirical evidence, further study and clinical application of these interventions.

2018/2019 Integrative Behavioral Health SIG Summary

  1. Provided a liaison to the Professional Education Committee to work together on providing evidenced based complementary and integrative skills to ADAA professionals.
  2. Provided one public webinar on CBT for IBS.
  3. Provided one professional webinar on Treatments for GI disorders.
  4. In the process of reworking the ADAA consumer webpage for Complementary and Integrative Health.
  5. Provided an ADAA symposium at the 2019 annual conference: Integrating Mindfulness and Yoga into a CBT practice

Goals for 2019/2020
    Co-chairs: Melissa Hunt and Kimberly Morrow

  1. Complete website update
  2. Provide 2 public webinars
  3. Provide 2 professional webinars
  4. Provide an Integrative Health symposia at the 2020 ADAA conference
  5. Provide ADAA members and consumers ongoing information and research related to complementary and integrative treatments

If you’re interested in joining this SIG, please login to your member account and choose Groups from the green menu bar at the top of your screen. Or, contact Vickie Spielman, ADAA Associate Director, Membership and Marketing.

Please view the ADAA SIG Guidelines for responsibilities and expectations.