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ADAA is the only multidisciplinary professional organization in mental health that engages the world’s leading experts who focus on anxiety, depression and co-occuring disorders. Engaging a membership of more than 1,700 professionals, ADAA strives to improve patient care by promoting implementation of evidence-based treatments and best practices across disciplines through trainings, continuing education and accelerating dissemination of research into practice. ADAA promotes scientific innovation and engages a diverse network of clinicians and basic and clinical anxiety and depression researchers with diverse backgrounds in medicine, psychology, social work, counseling, nursing, neuroscience, genetics, epidemiology, and other disciplines to advance science and new treatments.  ADAA member dues help support the free information and resources that are provided to the more than 22 million global website visitors to www.adaa.org. Membership dues also help fund the research that will one day prevent and cure anxiety, depression and related disorders. Welcome!

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Spanish HU Community iPhone Graphicsmall_1.jpgEstamos emocionados a introducir el inicio de la comunidad de ADAA’s HealthUnlocked en Español! Este anónimo miembro-a-miembro grupo de apoyo para ansiedad y depresión servirá como un espacio seguro y de apoyo para que gente pueda compartir información y experiencias, y para unirse con otra gente sufriendo de ansiedad, depresión, o trastornos relacionados. Suscríbase hoy a la Comunidad HealthUnlocked en Español! https://healthunlocked.com/ansiedad-depresion-apoyo

Hope and Grace Fund Grant Awarded to ADAA

hopeandgrace_logo_lockup_isolated2_0.jpgADAA is delighted to announce that we have received a grant from the hope & grace fund, a project of New Venture Fund in partnership with philosophy, inc.” The grant allows ADAA to launch an exciting new initiative “Turning a Laser-Focus on Women’s Issues in the Treatment of Anxiety, Depression and Related Disorders.” 

Through this new project, ADAA will form a Women’s Special Interest Group to design women-focused programming for mental health professionals. It will also develop programming for its 2018 annual conference that focuses on evidence-based gender research and treatment options for women. Finally, ADAA will create women-focused webinars and outreach to educate the public about mental health treatment options for women and to decrease the stigma of mental illness. This project will educate at least 100 clinical researchers and clinicians on female-focused mental health research and treatment trends, while also disseminating educational information about mental health to more than a million women of all ages. Through this initiative, ADAA will reduce the stigma of mental illness, connect women to specialized treatment, and foster dialogue between women’s mental health researchers, clinicians, patients, and the public at large. Interested in learning more about how can become involved in this exciting new project? Please contact Lise Bram. 

ADAA and Telemental Health

ADAA is pleased to offer a listing of our member clinicians who provide telemental health services. Providers are listed by state and their specialty areas. This is a new listing and we will be adding new members daily. Read this article on Telebehavioral Health Standards, Guidelines, Best Practices & Other Statements.

Are you an ADAA member who provides telemental health services? Please contact Lisa Patterson, ADAA's Membership Director to learn how you can be listed in our Find a Therapist directory and on our new telemental health page.   

ADAA Publications and Special Offerings

DA Cover June 2017Cropped_1_2.jpgFree online subscription for ADAA members. Learn more



Primer on Anxiety Disorders:Translational Perspectives on Diagnosis and Treatment
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