ADAA Publications/Special Offerings

We invite you to explore the following exclusive ADAA publications geared towards mental health students, trainees and professionals. Also listed here are two ADAA exclusive self-help publications we encourage you to share with clients. If you have any questions about these publications, please contact us.

Primer on Anxiety Disorders: Translational Perspectives on Diagnosis and Treatment
(Oxford University Press, May 2015; 528 pages; paperback; $95.00)

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The Primer on Anxiety Disorders: Translational Perspectives on Diagnosis and Treatment provides early-stage practitioners and trainees—as well as seasoned clinicians and researchers—with need-to-know information designed to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of anxiety disorders. The translational approach is state-of-the-art for clinicians and basic scientists alike, and connects our empirically supported practices with the theoretical and neurobiological bases for them. This volume is a project of the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) members.

To help better address these common and frequently comorbid conditions, Drs. Kerry J. Ressler, Daniel S. Pine, and Barbara Olasov Rothbaum compiled an expertly edited collection that provides mental health students, trainees, and professionals with the critical information they need, plus updates on new advancements in the field and illustrative clinical cases.

REID'S DVD_0.jpgSpecial DVD offer: Accelerated Treatment for Anxiety: Core Concepts with Reid Wilson, PhD ($59.00)
1.5 CE credits available online from (additional fee)

Reid Wilson, PhD, sums up the fundamentals of tackling the most common condition confronting psychotherapists. In this lively new video, combining a live presentation with an accompanying case demonstration, he illustrates the core concepts of his groundbreaking technique and paradoxical twist in exposure therapy. Dr. Wilson and Victor Yalom, PhD, of, have made this offer exclusively to ADAA.

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ADAA Publications (for the public)

Facing Panic_0.jpg

Facing Panic: Self-Help for People with Panic Attacks
by R. Reid Wilson, PhD -  ADAA: 2003. ($15.00)

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Download the charts in this book to help you practice and track the skills you learn to overcome your panic. 


Triumph Over Shyness_0.jpgTriumph Over Shyness: Conquering Social Anxiety Disorder
Second Edition, by Murray B. Stein, MD, MPH, and John R. Walker, PhD - ADAA, 2009. ($15.00)

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