Clinical Fellows


October 2020: Please note that ADAA is not currently accepting new applicants for the Clinical Fellows Program. For questions, please email

Meet ADAA's Clinical Fellows

Clinical Fellow LogoThe goal of the Clinical Fellows Program is to advance ADAA's mission of improving patient outcomes through education and training of clinicians from all disciplines. It offers participants an exclusive opportunity to further their clinical training in anxiety, depression, and related disorders through participation in continuing education at the annual conference, and online through webinars and group consultation. A certificate signifies a specialization in anxiety and depression and a dedication to continued education through ADAA's professional education programs. 

An exclusive benefit for ADAA’s clinical members, the Clinical Fellows Program provides an opportunity to participate in unique professional development activities, demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning and to providing quality patient care.

Those selected as an ADAA Clinical Fellow benefit from opportunities to develop and improve clinical and decision-making skills, network with clinical experts and peers, and engage in robust exchanges of information.

Additional Clinical Fellows Program benefits include:

  • Special designation in the ADAA Find-a-Therapist online directory
  • Recognition on the ADAA website
  • Certificate for framing upon completion of the program
  • A Clinical Fellow logo to add to your personal website, if requested
  • Acknowledgement on your ADAA Conference badge

The Clinical Fellow Program provides a Certification in Anxiety and Depression with the completion of the following requirements:

  • ADAA professional membership must be current at all time
  • Fellows must be licensed in their state of practice and have proof of current malpractice insurance
  • Signed ethics statement, minimum of 5 years in practice from the date of graduation and 3 years continuous ADAA Professional Membership
  • Participation in 24 hours of ADAA professional education activities within two years of program registration (registration at the ADAA Conference fulfills that requirement)*
  • Participation in 12 hours of ADAA professional education activities every two years to maintain status*

*While ADAA reserves the right to audit CE activities at any time, Clinical Fellows are expected to self-certify.


● $249.00 for initial registration ● $199.00 for renewal every two years


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