2020 Founders and President Awardees

President's Award 2020

In honor of ADAA's 40th anniversary in 2020 this award recognizes the achievements and commitment of  ADAA's 1st President, Robert DuPont, MD. With sincere gratitude and thanks for your vision and dedication.

Robert DuPont, MD
Dupont Associates, Rockville, MD




Founders Awardees

In honor of ADAA's 40th anniversary, this award recognizes the long-time involvement, contributions and commitment of ADAA's founding members. Thank you all for your many years of dedication and collaboration.

Cindy Aaronson, MSW, PhD







James L. Abelson, MD, PhD






Robert Ackerman, MSW, LCSW






Stan Arkow, MD







James Ballenger, MD

David Barlow, PhD





Edna Foa, PhD






Abby J. Fyer, MD


Jack Gorman, MD







Eric Hollander, MD







Michael Leibowitz, MD








MartinSeif, PhD, ABPP













Reid Wilson, PhD













Sally Winston, PsyD


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