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ADAA Conference Poster Sessions

Poster sessions are lively, engaging sessions promoting the exchange of new research findings in a visual format. More than 450 presenters discuss their findings with colleagues in two posters sessions.  These interactive sessions provide an opportunity to interact face-to-face with researchers, to ask questions, discuss findings and share information. Light refreshments, cash bar and soft drinks are provided. View Submission Guidelines

Poster schedule assignments will be emailed in late January.


2018 Washington, DC Poster Sessions

Poster Guidelines

Poster presenters must register for the conference and be available throughout the entire poster session to discuss the material and answer questions. Attendees must wear badges to be admitted into the poster sessions.

Poster sessions will be held during the following times and location:

  • Session I: Friday, April 6, 6:00 – 7:30 pm
  • Session II: Saturday, April 7, 6:30 – 8:00 pm

Washington Marriott Wardman Park 

Registration and Setup

Poster presenters must register for the conference and wear their badges to be admitted to the poster session. Presenters should plan to remain by their assigned poster board for the duration of the session.

Setup Times

  • Session I: Friday, 3:30 – 4:30pm
  • Session II: Saturday, 4:00 – 5:00pm 

Preparing Effective Posters

An effective poster is self‐contained and self‐explanatory, balancing graphics and text. It is not a page‐by‐page printout of a journal paper. Posters should stimulate discussion, not give a long presentation. Therefore, keep text to a minimum, do not include the entire abstract, emphasize graphics, and make sure every item in your poster is necessary. Proofread the copy before printing.

  • Poster Size: Your poster should not exceed 46 inches high X 46 inches wide. The poster boards are 4 feet high X 4 feet wide (two presenters will share space on a 4' x 8' board).
  • Identify the title and author(s) of your poster within a 10"-wide heading across the top of the board. Posters should be readable from a distance of at least 3 feet; so use bold type at least 1/4" high (minimum of 22 points).
  • Use a block-style font on a white, flat-finish (nonglossy) background. Keep charts, drawings, and illustrations as simple as possible. Avoid using fine lines or rules. Photographs should be processed with a matte or dull finish. Captions and labels should be brief and concise.
  • Indicate by numbers, letters, or arrows if a preferred sequence should be followed in studying your poster.
  • The poster should be self-explanatory so that you are free to supplement information and discuss particular points raised by inquiry during the poster session.
  • Your poster will also be identifiable by its poster number, which will be on the board and listed in the Online Program Guide and the Conference Mobile App.
  • When choosing a background, remember that neutral or gray colors will be easier on the eyes than a bright color. Also, color photos and color graphs look best when mounted on grey. 

ePoster Upload

An ePoster is an electronic version of your poster. When you have designed your poster, you can upload it to the Attendee Interactive submission portal. This will allow others to view your poster before and after the conference, allowing your research to be exposed to a very broad audience.

Final Preparations

  • Print out your poster before you leave for the conference. MakeSigns offers a 10 percent discount on printing. Discounts will be posted on the website after poster acceptances are emailed.
  • Bring business cards. 
  • Bring copies of your abstract if you’d like to hand out copies. 
  • Consider posting a PDF of your poster on your personal website and including its URL on your poster in a clearly visible text box. 

At the Conference

  • Set up your poster during the allocated times (above). 
  • Arrive at your poster session 10 to 15 minutes before it begins.  
  • Do not write on the poster boards or use a stapler to hang your poster. (Pushpins will be provided). Projection equipment, printers, electrical outlets, and computers are prohibited in the poster session area.
  • Remain with your poster until the session ends. Presenting authors are required to be available to discuss the content during the session. Distribute business cards and handouts for those who want additional information.
  • If you have not registered for the conference and someone hangs your poster, it will be removed prior to the beginning of the session.
  • Remove materials promptly at the end of the session. Posters remaining after the session will be discarded. 

Register for the Conference

All presenters must register for the conference. Posters cannot be displayed if the presenter is not registered.

Questions? Please email

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