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Changing of the Guard at Depression and Anxiety. Commentary by Peter P. Roy-Byrne, MD and Murray B. Stein, MD, MPH

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August 2017 Issue - Volume 34, Issue 8
Impact of Childhood Maltreatment and Traumatic Stress

Research articles in this issue include two contributions by ADAA members: John C. Markowitz (History of Sexual Trauma Moderates Psychotherapy Outcome for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder), and Gregory S. Chasson (Transdiagnostic Emotional Vulnerabilities Linking Obsessive-Compulsive and Depressive Symptoms in a Community-Based Sample of Adolescents).

Featured Articles:

Meta-analysis of interventions for posttraumatic stress disorder and depression in adult survivors of mass violence in low- and middle-income countries, Nexhmedin Morina P.h.D., Mina Malek, MS, Angela Nickerson, Ph.D.,  Richard A. Bryant, Ph.D

Associations of childhood bullying victimization with lifetime suicidal behaviors among new U.S. Army soldiers
Laura Campbell-Sills Ph.D., Ronald C. Kessler Ph.D., Robert J. Ursano M.D., Anthony J. Rosellini Ph.D., Tracie O. Afifi Ph.D., Lisa J. Colpe Ph.D., M.P.H., Steven G. Heeringa Ph.D., Matthew K. Nock Ph.D., Nancy A. Sampson B.A., Jitender Sareen M.D., Michael Schoenbaum Ph.D., Xiaoying Sun M.S., Sonia Jain Ph.D., Murray B. Stein M.D., M.P.H., the Army STARRS Collaborators

Predictors of PTSD 40 years after combat: Findings from the National Vietnam Veterans longitudinal study
Maria M. Steenkamp Ph.D., William E. Schlenger Ph.D., Nida Corry Ph.D., Clare Henn-Haase Psy.D., Meng Qian Ph.D., Meng Li M.A., Danny Horesh Ph.D., Karen-Inge Karstoft Ph.D., Christianna Williams Ph.D., Chia-Lin Ho Ph.D., Arieh Shalev M.D., Richard Kulka Ph.D., Charles Marmar M.D.

Journal Articles in the News

A Common Medication Given to New Moms Has Been Linked to Postpartum Depression published in GoodHousekeeping (February 10, 2017). Covers "Association of peripartum synthetic oxytocin administration and depressive and anxiety disorders within the first postpartum year" study by Aimee R. Kroll-Desrosiers MS, Benjamin C. Nephew PhD, Jessica A. Babb PhD, Yurima Guilarte-Walker MS, Tiffany A. Moore Simas MD, MPH, MEd, Kristina M. Deligiannidis MD.

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