ADAA Special Interest Groups (SIGs) encourage collaboration, communication, education, research, mentoring, and networking.


The members of the Multicultural SIG represent all facets of ADAA: researchers, clinicians, students, and other stakeholders. The group’s focus on multiculturalism and diversity recognizes humans as intersecting identities: age, ability and disability, religion or spiritual orientation, race, ethnicity, social class, sexual orientation, indigenous or nonindigenous background, national origin, and gender identity.

This SIG recognizes that due to histories of differential power, privilege, oppression, and marginalization, specific groups within these categories have been underrepresented in psychology and mental health. So the group's members aim to facilitate increased attention to topics and issues concerning diversity and multiculturalism within ADAA and in the field in general, as well as encourage discussion, collaboration, and research among those interested in meeting the mental health needs of diverse and underserved communities.

Co-chairs are Sarah Hayes-Skelton, PhD, and Carmela Alcántara, PhD.

Child and Adolescent Anxiety

The Child and Adolescent Anxiety Special Interest Group provides a forum for clinicians and researchers to discuss, debate, and address issues relevant to the understanding and treatment of childhood and adolescent anxiety. This active and engaged group hosts a monthly online peer consultation group that offers a safe and confidential forum for cognitive-behavioral therapists to discuss cases, collaborate, share resources, and further develop core CBT/ERP competencies.

Co-chairs are Ruth Lippin, LCSW, JD, Krystal Lewis, PhD, and Liza Bonin, PhD.