Scarlett Garden

ScarlettGarden.pngMarisa Herrera-Keehn, Lance Rodriguez, Stephen Terry, and Bethany Martin created their senior thesis together - a short film called "Scarlett Garden" that tells the story about a girl named Scarlett who tries to help her brother out of his depression. When they receive the news about their stepfather not being able to recover from a liver disease, her brother turns to alcoholism and locks himself in his home for days at a time. Through their video, the students wanted to portray the reality, and sometimes severity, of adult depression and turned to ADAA's website for information and resources. The video shows the reality of depression but is also helpful as it shows that you are never truly alone in this world and that there will always be someone fighting for you. Part of the students' plan also involved donating any remaining funds from the project to ADAA to help our ongoing outreach and educational programs. ADAA is so appreciative of the $1,750 we received from Marisa and her friends and invite you to watch their powerful video here. (please note that the video contains a few violent scenes and scenes where alcohol is consumed).

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