Laundry Should be the Only Thing Separated by Color

Ally Wong and TShirt Project_0.jpgWe are 6th graders from Orchard Hills Middle School in Irvine, California. Our names are Katie Vu, Jacey Hwang, Gia Patel and Ally Wong. Recently our CORE class has been involved in service learning, where we learn by helping others. Students in our class researched organizations that help to solve problems in our world in learning groups. Our learning group decided to research about discrimination and its effects on victims. We choose ADAA as a beneficiary of our fundraising efforts because we recently learned about the Holocaust and heard a few survivors speak. This taught us what the horrors of discrimination and exclusion can do to people, which can cause them to be permanently scarred and depressed. When we found ADAA, it was the perfect chance to show how much we care about people who are bullied or discriminated against all over the world, which leads to anxiety and depression, and even suicide. 

So far, we have had over 80 orders and have had a blast making the tie-dye t-shirts. It has been a great experience learning how to do business at a young age. We have to keep track of where the money comes from and where it will go. Our shirts sell for $7 each for the standard three colors in a spiral with our logo in the top right corner. Inside the logo we have ADAA and our motto, "Laundry should be the only thing separated by color." We believe that our shirts will remind everyone who wears them to be kind to everyone and not act differently to them just because they are a different race or religion. Our group would like to make a difference and change the world.