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MoodNetwork logoIf you have have experienced depression and bipolar disorder, you will be able to track your progress, share information, ask questions, and evaluate your treatments. How? Become a participant in the MoodNetwork. Participants will also be contributing to the largest pool of data ever collected about mood disorders, which will lead to evaluating treatments and helping to set priorities for future research studies.

With the goal of transforming the lives of nearly 54 million Americans affected by depression and bipolar disorder, the MoodNetwork is creating a community of patients, researchers, and clinicians. Participants will get involved in their own treatment as well as research for new treatments.

Mood disorders are complex conditions, and effective treatments can offer people substantial improvements. But clinicians are unable to match patients to treatments, and more research is needed to create personalized care. MoodNetwork needs your experience and your help.


ResearchMatch logoThe purpose of ResearchMatch is to bring together two groups of people who can benefit each another: those trying to find research studies and researchers looking for participants in their studies.
Research is a way to discover knowledge that can have a positive impact on the health of society. Most research studies need a certain number of people to participate, but many end too early because too few volunteers join them. Even when enough people join research studies, it may be difficult to find the right match for them. ResearchMatch helps solve this problem by matching you with researchers who need volunteers like you.

It is a free and secure registry, and you can be involved in its mission of helping make a real difference in people’s health in the future. Anyone can join, and ResearchMatch can help match you with any type of research study, ranging from surveys to clinical trials, always giving you the choice to decide what studies may interest you.
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