by Vasvi Mukerjee
January, 2019

Poster-ADAA-TakingAction_0_0.PNGI'm Vasvi Mukerjee. I recently graduated from Shillington School of Graphic Design, New York. Anxiety has always been a close issue to me and I know some of my friends also suffer from it every now and then. 

I created this campaign 'Anxiety Comes In All Shapes & Sizes' as a student project to help spread awareness about the rising issue of anxiety and how people can help themselves and others by reaching out to ADAA. 

I chose ADAA to create a project for because I felt the information provided on the website was relevant and extremely helpful. I also came across genuine stories shared by people thanking ADAA for their support. I, myself, gained so much knowledge about anxiety and depression through ADAA and decided to take the idea of my project further. I used the facts, stats and information about anxiety and depression from the website and incorporated them into my project. 

I used solid and loud brush strokes to convey the feeling of anxiety. A bold color palette was used as it would grab people's much needed attention on this issue. The idea was to convey different types of anxiety. The campaign aimed at generating a dialogue between people who are not aware of anxiety and compel them to know more by reaching out to ADAA. That way, they could help their friends, colleagues, family and anyone suffering from anxiety and depression. Because it could be any one of us. We never know. I felt like it was important for as many people to become aware of these issue. Also, not everyone facing anxiety comes out directly to people. So, once a person knows about the symptoms and types of anxiety, they could help people around them in a better way. I hope this campaign reaches out to many in support of ADAA - who are trying their best to make this world a better place. My goal is to help people through the language and power of design. 

The campaign can also be viewed on my website.

Instagram: @vasvimukerjeedotcom