by Marisa Brincat
November, 2018

Nova and Skye_1.jpgNova & Skye is a lounge-wear brand that supports anxiety and mental health awareness. In July of 2018, Marisa Brincat was working at her part-time job and realized it was time for a change. As someone who had suffered with anxiety for several years, Marisa felt happiest and most constructive when working on a positive project. She sparked the idea of starting a lounge-wear brand. At first it seemed like a far fetched idea, but after much thought, Marisa knew it was something she wanted to pursue. After further brainstorming, Marisa realized that the sole reason as to why she wanted to start her own company was because her anxiety was kept at bay when she was creating. After Marisa came to the realization that creating was the best way to cope with her anxiety, the mission behind Nova & Skye became so clear. Our mission at Nova & Skye is to encourage others to conquer anxiety with creativity. Anxiety may be a struggle, but it does not define YOU. We believe that thinking creatively is the best medicine for coping with anxiety and we trust that even your simplest ideas can explode into something extraordinary! 

At Nova & Skye, we are happy to announce that with every purchase a 5% donation is given to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. The reason as to why we decided to show appreciation to ADAA was because they are a foundation that takes action and offers various outlets in order to help those that may be suffering with their mental health. By donating a portion of our proceeds to ADAA, we are allowing our customers to help make a difference as well. We firmly believe in a hands on approach method in order to make an impact. The mission behind ADAA closely coincides with the mission of Nova & Skye, which is why we are proud to donate a portion of our proceeds to their foundation. With the help of our customers, ADAA, and the passion behind Nova & Skye, together we can help enable those suffering to reach their goals and never feel limited! Together we can help #BreaktheStigma! 

Visit the Nova & Skye website.