by Elizabeth DuPont Spencer LCSW-C

It’s almost Halloween!  My favorite holiday of the year – why? Because it’s not possible to be perfect on Halloween, and I embrace the imperfect. Other holidays have a perfect image we measure our own celebration by, but not Halloween! On this one day, the gory and the grimy rule.

by Ken Goodman, LCSW

It’s easy to understand how a major car accident would cause someone to fear driving, but most driving phobia have nothing to do with accidents.

Here is a list of the top 5 driving fears:

by Karen Levine, Ph.D.

Humor is a useful tool that can be readily used together with gradual exposure / CBT in treating children’s phobias.  By “humor” I mean playfulness used by the adult, collaboratively with the child, in an individualized manner that the child finds funny, and that is consistent with the c

by Aarti Gupta, PsyD

It happens on a daily basis. I routinely scroll through my Facebook feed while sipping my morning tea.