Worried About Sending Your Kids Back to School? - Blog Post

"...Many parents around the country are being faced with deciding whether or not to have their children return to school — whether it be part-time or full-time — for the upcoming school year. For parents who suffer from significant anxiety, this can be a very difficult decision. The last thing any parent wants is to make a decision that won’t be in their child’s best interest, or that causes the child to be exposed to the coronavirus. 

Should I Return to the Office? How to Make Confident Decisions in Uncertain Times - Blog Post

When there is no downside to a decision, we can feel confident about our choice. But many of the decisions we face today have pros and cons, complex situations like school options for our children, vacation and wedding trips, and making doctor and dentist appointments. Our limbic system is designed to warn us away from negative consequences with negative emotions like anxiety and fear.

ADAA member Jennifer Shannon, LMFT explores the "pros and cons" of returning to work during the pandemic - and how to help ease the anxiety associated with this important decision. 

It’s Probably Time for a Self Check-in—Here’s How to Do It - Article

"Once you can identify your feelings from day to day, you’ll start to see the benefits. It helps prevent emotional upheavals if a crisis strikes, explains ADAA member Dr. Simon A. Rego, PsyD, chief psychologist at the Montefiore Medical Center in New York City. After a day of frustrations, you’ll be less likely to absolutely lose it on the poor unsuspecting stock person at the drugstore. “Once you become aware of what you’re feeling, it helps create a bit of space to diminish its intensity,” he says. “Now you are observing it rather than being overwhelmed by it.”

 Do You Have Intrusive Thoughts? Here’s How To Keep These Disturbing Ideas Under Control - Article

ADAA member Paul Greene, PhD authors this YourTango.com blog post about how to manage intrusive thoughts: "

If you've ever had a random thought pop into your head that left you shaken or questioning yourself, you may have experienced an "intrusive thought."

Learning how to stop intrusive thoughts is important, since many times, these thoughts can be disturbing, bleak, or upsetting, and leave you wondering what's really going on in your head..."

The Power of a Simple Thank You

ADAA member Stefanie Russman Block, PhD authors this blog post on the power of gratitude. "...Anxiety feeds off the feeling that we lack control, which is a common sentiment in today’s world.  Saying thank you to the person who delivered your groceries might not feel like it makes a big impact, but research shows that gratitude has a ripple effect (Chang et al., 2012).  The recipient of gratitude is not only more likely to help you in the future, but also more likely to help others (Bartlett & DeSteno 2006)..."