ADAA member Alexandra Hamlet, PsyD shares how selfies can affect self-esteem in this article. 
ADAA member Jacqueline Sperling, PhD authors this article on helping a child with OCD. 
“Many clients I see struggle with insomnia. Either they can't fall asleep at night or have trouble staying asleep. We know that many people with depression also struggle with anxiety, which impacts quality of sleep as well, and the symptom of insomnia crosses over between the two...” says ADAA member Rachel Dubrow, LCSW in this NBC News article.
“The less you are connected with human beings in a deep, empathic way, the less you’re really getting the benefits of a social interaction,” says ADAA member Alexandra Hamlet, PsyD in this Child Mind Institute article about social media and depression. 
“Halloween can present a challenge for parents of 3- and 4-year-olds because this is the age when children first truly show an interest in trick-or-treating, and yet they're still young enough to get frightened or overstimulated..." says ADAA member Bonnie Zucker, PsyD in this article on what to do when your kids are scared of Halloween. 
Terrifying movies! Ghosts! Devils! Spiders! All are out in force for Halloween. The same things I revel in, though, can be frightening for a child. It’s a night that is unpredictable, and people don’t act of look the same as they usually do. The key is recognizing that the distinction between “scary” and “exciting” is all about how you label those emotions, and parents can help turn this into a fun experience for even the timidest child.   
ADAA member Jonathan Dalton, PhD is interviewed about stress in the United States.
In honor of National Depression Awareness Month, Sydney Franklin released a new single “Challenger Deep” to help raise mental health awareness for anxiety and depression! 
The Coalition for Advancement and Application of Psychological Science (CAAPS) released a consensus statement on evidence-based practice decision-making for mental and behavioral health care.
"...Maybe it was my ability to relate to some of the experiences she described, and my eagerness to learn about her recovery journey. At times I found it emotional and would be lying if I said that there were no tears shed as I was reading. But ultimately,  I was left feeling inspired and grateful..." says The Mighty contributor Katie O. about ADAA member Shala Nicely's OCD memoir.