ADAA members Karmel Choi, PhD and Jordan Smoller, MD, ScD share their team's study on the impact of exercise in depression prevention. 
“There are lots of studies suggesting an association between obesity and depression, but it’s hard to know whether obesity causes depression, depression causes obesity or if there is some other connection," says ADAA member Jordan Smoller, MD, ScD on the relationship between obesity and depression. 
Mental health is so important. It guides our thought patterns, how we feel, and at times how we behave. Yet many people don’t care for their mental health for a variety of reasons. The importance of taking care of our mental health is not always something we are reminded of, consequently making it easy for us to let mental well-being self-care fall to the wayside. 
“When working with trauma survivors in a mental health setting, one quickly learns it is not uncommon for people with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to also meet diagnostic criteria for major depressive disorder (MDD) at some point in their life," says ADAA member Shannon Blakey, MS in this article. 
“We know depression is a leading cause of disability around the world but we know much less about how to prevent this difficult condition,” says ADAA member Karmel Choi, PhD in this article on the impact of exercise on depression prevention. 
ADAA members Karmel Choi, PhD, Jordan W. Smoller MD, ScD and Murray B. Stein MD, MPH are featured in this article for their team's study on physical activity as a preventive strategy against depression.
"This takes the focus off of it just being about romantic relationships and lets you focus on loving yourself as well as the love you have for your family and friends," says ADAA member Helen Odessky, PsyD in this article on Valentine's Day. 
As we remember the legacy of Martin Luther King today,  we wanted to share one of his most poignant quotes. We encourage you to make your mental health a priority this year. The first step - no matter how small - will move you forward!  #triumphoveranxietyanddepression #breakthestigma
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ADAA member Dr. Steven Seay, PhD shares his insights on emetophobia in this article.