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Do you have a personal story about your mental health journey? ADAA would love to hear from you. We welcome stories that we share on the ADAA website, the ADAA e-newsletters, and across our social media platforms. 

In a story (up to 800 words), please describe your experience with anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD, bipolar disorder or a co-occurring disorder and how it has affected your life. Please provide a short title for your personal story and focus on the therapy or other treatments that have helped you manage or overcome your illness. Please include how ADAA's website or resources have helped you. 

Please note: Submissions will include your name as entered. Please DO NOT use your last name if you do not want your full name to be searchable. If you would like for your post to be anonymous, do not include your name in the body of the submission. We do need an email address so that we can be in touch with you about your story.

In order to publish you story on our website and to share it on our social media platforms, we require that you include a photo (of yourself, your campaign, etc. We cannot accept stock images or images pulled from the internet).  Please note that we do not accept advertorials (these stories should not include any call-outs to sell any products or services). We reserve the right to reject any story that we do not feel is appropriate to share.

Have a short video describing your story you would like to send to us? Please email [email protected] as this form cannot accept MP4 files. We are actively seeking 2-3 minute videos to share with our communities.

NOTE: ADAA reserves the right to edit for clarity, length, and editorial style. We do not guarantee that every submission will be published. If your story is accepted, you will be notified. If you have not heard from ADAA within one week of submission that means that your story has not been accepted. Once your story is posted on this website, it is the property of ADAA.

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